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I wanted to try my hand at building an ak so I picked up this Hungarian AK63D kit.
it was pretty inexpensive and I thought it would be a good place for me to start.
This is an AK variant very similar to the soviert design.
Of course it shoots the 7.62x39 cartridge and one thing I'm liking is the underfolder stock.
So lets go ahead and take a closer look at the parts kit.
This kit has been demilled for import which basically means it has been destroyed to BATF
This is no longer a firearm, this is a "parts kit" and scrap metal.
So, my receiver is torch cut, center part is missing
and my barrel has been torch cut into 3 pieces.
In order to reconstruct this into a functional firearm by law (922r)
I cannot have more than 10 imported parts.
Now a managazine assembly can count as three parts but I don't want to worry about what
magazine I'm using so here's my plan of attack.
Obviously I'm going to replace the barrel with a new one made in the USA.
My front and rear trunnions are intact in this destroyed receiver.
I'll be removing those and building a new receiver from scratch.
I'm also going to attempt to build, from scratch, a new trigger assembly and hammer.
Those will count as US made parts.
And the muzzle attachment looks like the next simplest thing.
I guess we'll see how it goes, I'm going to start by going ahead and finishing tearing
down the receiver.
My front trunnion is pinned into the receiver with 6 rivets.
These front ones didn't give me much trouble, I just ground the heads flat with the receiver
and then I punched them out with a punch and a hammer.
The rear ones on each side gave me more trouble and I found what worked for me was I just
drilled straight down through them, being sure to be centered, and that weakened them
and then I was able to use a punch on the inside to shear the head off.
And there is... one front trunnion.
And now I need to get the rear trunnion and the trigger guard off so I'm going to try
to get this underfolder stock disassembled.
Now, more rivets.
Alright, I've got me rear rivets out, those are the short ones. Now I need to deal with
this long rivet.
Slow and steady.
I'm going to flip it and start through on the other side.
Ok, something's happening. I think I met up with the other end of the hole.
Yes we can see through there, looks like the holes lined up rather nicely.
So I'm going to follow up that 8th inch hole with a larger bit.
I believe this is a 5/32"
and we're through.
Well that wasn't too bad. I just put this whole assembly in the vise and then I just
kind of popped this metal away and it sprung to the side and I was able to get the trunnion
And I'm pleased to say that I lightly tapped this to see if it would move...
...and it moves quite nicely.
Ok, this bolt was just a little bit snug so I went ahead and ground down the threads just
a hair to give me a loose fit.
Well after I ground those rivets down this just popped off with a light tap from a hammer
and what I'm left with is the trigger guard and this little plate and four rivets I need
to get out.
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'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 1: Intro & Demilling

678 Folder Collection
Dillon published on December 9, 2015
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