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  • Okay so this is the universal hot crazy wife zone matrix chart, it's everything a young

  • man needs to know about how to find a perfect girlfriend or wife using the wife zone chart

  • hot and crazy chart. I've developed this on my own over 46 years

  • living on the earth. So this is how it works, you have your crazy

  • axis and your hot axis, hot is measured from 0 to 10 you are all familiar with that, crazy

  • as measured from 4 to 10, because of course there's no such thing as a woman who's not

  • at least 4 crazy, so you got 4 to 10, this is your hot crazy line right here it's very

  • important that you keep in mind where the hot crazy line is.

  • As a rule this is your no go zone you do not hang around and date and Mary who are not

  • at least in our mind of 5 so you don't go here you just rule this out life is better

  • this way alright, above a five and about to eight, and below that crazy line this is your

  • fun zone, you can hang out here and meet these girls and spend time with them at your fun

  • zone but keep in mind that when you're in the Fun Zone you want to move out of the friend

  • zone to a more permanent location, ok so that the Fun Zone and that's between of 5 hot and

  • an 8 hot, and below the crazy line, which is most of the time not crazy, above the danger

  • zone and above the crazy line we have the danger zone, this is your red heads your strippers

  • anyone named Tiffany hairdressers, this is where your car gets keyed you get a bunny

  • in the pot your tires got slashed and you wind up in jail now we have some of the chart

  • filled in we have a couple more pieces to put in but at this point understand something,

  • this is not a static environment this is a situation where you have got to use this matrix

  • over time to develop some reliable data, it's like a dope chart, because at any moment in

  • time any woman you have previously located on this chart, could vanish from that location

  • and appear anywhere else on this chart, so what you have to do is overtime collect some

  • data once you have a cluster of data points, you can begin to consider that reliable now,

  • moving on you have this zone here , this is below the crazy line above an 80 hot but still

  • about a7 crazy, this is your date zone, you can stay in the date zone indefinitely these

  • are women that you to your family friends they're good looking and they're reasonably

  • not crazy most of the time, ok you can stay here indefinitely, now above an 85 in between

  • about a7 and a5 crazy this is your wife zone right here, ok when you meet with this girl

  • you should consider a long term relationship, this wife zone is not scale to size, this

  • is a representation and not an actual this is not a pie chart showing you how many of

  • these people are around, this is simply a representation of what you're after, you want

  • to be five to seven crazy and above an 8 hot, that is your wife zone, below a 5 crazy and

  • above an 8 hot , this is your unicorn zone, if you find unicorn, please capture it safely

  • keep it alive we like to study at, and maybe look at how to replicate it, so I was explaining

  • this to a guy one time and he said wait a minute I met this girl and she's like smoking

  • hot she's like at least a 9 and she's chill she's totally chill totally cool and not even

  • three crazy I said you telling me you've met a girl she's a 9 hot and she's like a two

  • or three crazy, he said yeah man I like her a lot, I said you should be careful that's

  • a dude, you're talking to a tranny, so you got your you have to be careful cuz, the law

  • for crazy and above an 8 hot you are probably talking to a dude, that is the universal hot

  • crazy wife zone chart matrix

Okay so this is the universal hot crazy wife zone matrix chart, it's everything a young

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