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  • Let’s be honest. The Wii U needed this. As great as games like Mario, Batman, Mass

  • Effect and Call Of Duty are, it needed a release that wasn’t just an old port or another

  • Mario. It needed something fresh, something new, something exclusive...

  • And something good.

  • Rejoice, Wii U owners. LEGO City is all of those things.

  • Finally released this week to the Wii U, LEGO City: Undercover represents a major turning

  • point for the LEGO games. It breaks from the LEGO standard, it doesn’t have a huge mega-franchise

  • attached to it...and it was published by Nintendo. In fact, it’s also a turning point for Nintendo.

  • Or at they hope. Because as great as some of the Wii U’s games have been,

  • it could really use more of this.

  • You play as Chase McCain. He plays the all-star cop. You know the typegreat hair, dreamy

  • smile, played by some rugged actor. Kind of a familiar character, but that’s one of

  • the best things about LEGO City. It takes inspirationuh, and at times, even actual

  • linesfrom all kinds of movies and television shows.

  • In fact, it may not be about Star Wars or Batman per the LEGO usual, but that’s exactly

  • what makes it so good. Not only is it refreshing to have that characteristic LEGO humor and

  • charm in an original story with original characters, but it’s also a fun story with fun characters.

  • It’s a world that’s just really easy to get lost in.

  • I mean, metaphorically. You actually have a map.

  • What’s fitting about LEGO City is that...much like LEGO, it’s just this bucket of ideas

  • poured onto the floor. And that also applies to the gameplay. This is all the things you

  • love about LEGO games snapped onto a huge green baseplate of Grand Theft Auto. LEGO

  • City isn’t as massive, but its open world is still packed with people to meet, secrets

  • to find and those shiny LEGO studs to collect.

  • I mean, you can’t not go after those things. They freaking glisten!

  • Now, the missions and story are good fun...but really, just wandering around the city is

  • fun on its own. And part of that is because so much of it is destructible. You can smash

  • anything made from LEGO and collect the pieces...which you can use to create more useful things.

  • Pads that magically spawn cars, reliable sea vessels...hey, fortunately, you know a captain!

  • A trustworthy olsea dog!

  • Of course, the game isn’t without its issues. And chief among them, LEGO City is constantly

  • interrupting your fun with really annoying loading times. The progress bars come one

  • after another, each one more annoying than the one before. It’s not enough to ruin

  • things, but it does break up the experience...and not in a good way. Of course, there’s also

  • an inherent degree of repetition...but there’s so much to do in LEGO City that, even when

  • it gets a little repetitive, it never stops being fun.

  • I think it’s fair to say that...recent LEGO games were getting stale. Predictability was

  • setting in, and as it often does, tedium seemed to follow. But simply placing the LEGO conceptsthe

  • crushing, creating and compulsively collectinginto a new framework, that of open-world action

  •’s just brilliant. It’s fun, it’s charming...

  • And it’s just what the Wii U needed.

  • It’s LEGO City for the Nintendo Wii U.

Let’s be honest. The Wii U needed this. As great as games like Mario, Batman, Mass

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CGR Undertow - LEGO CITY: UNDERCOVER review for Nintendo Wii U

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/20
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