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Hi I'm Jools and we're going to make a really cool super smoothie today.
This is my son Buddy.
And he always helps me do this in the kitchen as it's really easy.
This is brilliant for me because I've got four children.
And it's kinda mayhem in the morning and it's absolutely crazy.
It's so quick and simple to make.
And also it's really, really healthy.
And sometimes they don't even know it.
Which is really nice.
Right so I'm going to start with frozen berries.
It gets a really lovely iced fresh feel.
So we're going to do one cup of the frozen fruit.
Which Buds is going to help me with. It's about 200 grams but as I can't be bothered with grams
I'm just going to use a cup.
Nice, thank you.
The next thing I'm going to do is pour in some almond milk.
Obviously having nuts is a really good thing for the kids as well.
It gives it a really nice flavour. Are you going to pour this in for me?
Next up natural yoghurt.
6 tablespoons. Do you want to count for me? 1,2,3,4,5,6. Stop.
Ha ha. Perfect. Seven. That's all we need, six.
So that's just normal natural yoghurt I use, not flavoured, because again it's sweet enough and it's a lot healthier.
Next thing we're going to do is a banana. You only need one. It just adds a real consistency.
Any fruits that are looking a bit rough shove it in the blender. They'll never know.
Handful of porridge oats.
And you can use any. Fine mill. I've just got some chunky oats here.
It does give a nice consistency.
And it does keep them fuller for longer which is really good. So, you feel like you're doing a really good job
when you put those in.
My secret ingredient is my sunflower seeds.
Which actually some of the children don't like but when I put them in they didn't know.
I like those. You do actually. You're on of the children that does.
So put them in and
You can actually add anything you like. Anythign balanced works.
You don't have to have it in grams or measurements. You can see I really can't do that sort of thing.
That's not my way of cooking.
So, er, it's gonna be dead simple.
I'm going to turn it on now.
Done. Right we're going to have a quick check before we pour it out, just to check it's got the right consistency
because that's quite important. I know some people are quite fussy.
I know my kids are.
So if it is a bit thick. Yummy yummy. Yep, are you going to try it for me?
If it's too thick you can add a bit more of the almond milk, add a bit of water for quickness.
Or if it's not thick enough add another half of banana.
Buds is going to be our taste tester.
Actually looks really pretty.
So my girls will be really pleased with that.
Right let me know what you think. That's a big moment.
I've got a bit left over so I'm going to have it for myself.
You can pour them into little lolly molds. Which is absolutely awesome. Buds loves therm.
It's kind of like a big treat for him which actually is the milkshake they had for breakfast but as a lolly.
Can add your lolly sticks in.
Bung in the freezer.
I don't know. 4-5 hours and they're done.
Buddy, do you want to get the things out of the freezer?
A mini jet size. It's like Dave's drunk Jamie.
How weird!
Can you see them?
No that's the frozen fruit.
Shall we, let me help you.
These are mango and mint and banana. Actually the same sort of thing.
With porridge oats, also we've got some sunflower seeds. So essentially it's just the mangos to get
the yellow colour.
Yeah. Ready Buds?
Run some hot water.
That should be enough.
Can you see if it'll come out for me? I hate doing this because I think it won't work.
So, er, the main taste tester. What do you think, Buds?
It's very important.
So it is a thumbs up from Buddy which is massive.
Erm, I really hope you enjoyed that. Let me know i you enjoyed it or you want me to do something else
or try anything else.
Is that for me?
Oh thank you.
If you like this recipe more please click the link in the subscription box.
And erm yeah, enjoy!
Can I have a taste?
That is so good. Better than Dads?
Say it out loud. Yeah!
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Summer Fruit Smoothies & Ice Lollies | Jools Oliver

694 Folder Collection
Ziyue Zhou published on December 4, 2015
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