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Hey everybody, Justin with americanmuscle.com. Welcome to a special Roush edition of Hot
Lap. Recently our friends over at Roush were kind enough to invite us up to Detroit so
we could check out their awesome facilities, and we had a great time. Check it out.
Guys, we're just outside of Motor City, Detroit, Michigan to visit our friends at Roush. Boy
do we have an awesome day planned for you. All right. I'm here with Tom Lipinski, kind
of the overseer of Candyland, right buddy?
Tom: Absolutely. We bring in the base Mustang chassis right out of the plant. We turn it
into a 700 horsepower monster. Let's go take a look.
Justin: All right.
Tom: This is where it starts as far as drilling all the holes and preparing the vehicle for
the next assembly block. What we do is we have these fixes made so we can drill the
holes and not have any variation as the vehicle comes through the line.
Justin: Let's check out where these things go from here. This is core build.
Tom: Correct. This is our main assembly line where the core content is installed. As the
seats are out we can get inside and do things like the billet pedals, the shifter ball,
and some of the other interior mods that'll happen. Station two, again, we talked about
the body mods. Front and rear fascias are installed. Wheels and tires will go on here.
The front is a complete replacement. The only things that are reused on that front are the
turn signals and the fog lamps, but everything else is fully designed by us.
Justin: Tom, I couldn't help but notice we've got some exhausts coming to life over here.
Tom: Everybody wants a throaty sounding car. They designed the quad tip exhaust with the
dual chamber muffler. One of those chambers is nice and quiet and it meets all those standards.
The other side is where it opens up.
Justin: Obviously we stumbled into line two here. This is where some suspension and drive
line goodies come together, correct?
Tom: Absolutely. Any time you add performance and horsepower to a car, you want to be able
to handle that performance. What this does is it's going to give you a little bit more
stability of a ride.
Justin: Tom, we're here at the final leg of assembly. Of course, this is where the horsepower
is born as we like to say.
Tom: We've divided up our build assembly process of the supercharger into five different stations.
This is the start of it. We tear it down, we drain the fluids, and we prep it for the
rest of the assembly.
Justin: Here we are, pretty much a completed RS3, correct?
Erin: That's correct. I know it looks very similar in a lot of ways, but it is all new
for 2015. We start with a 627 horsepower package by SEMA. We plan to launch our Phase 2 version
of the kit.
Justin: Chances are if you guys at home have a TBS blower, this gentleman right here probably
put it together for you. I understand you're going to teach me how to throw one of these
things together.
Male: Yes sir, yes sir. We're going to grab this housing right here. We're going to put
it right here on the fixture. We're going to grab the pink Loctite and just going to
walk it all the way around the top. That's going to seal your main cavity.
Justin: So, now we're actually going to grab the rotating groove. We'll flip it over.
Male: See? Told you, you're a pro.
Justin: Very nice. Hey, how about it.
Male: Next thing is you're going to grab the front cover. Make sure you're on there.
Justin: There she goes. All right. I didn't think I'd wake up today and be hand assembling
a blower. This is pretty cool.
Male: The first torque is just going to make sure everything's nice and flat. You're going
to actually torque these three times. You want to make sure you get a green light this
time around.
Justin: Get a green light.
Male: There you go.
Justin: There it is. Now set it...
Male: You're going to tip it upside down.
Justin: Upside down.
Male: There you go. We're going to install the bypass shaft. Without the bypass, you're
not going to build any boost.
Justin: Got you. Okay. So, this thing probably has some torque to it, right?
Male: Yeah, it's air crimper. There you go.
Justin: There you go.
Male: It's the fun part every day.
Justin: Okay, now we actually have to install the actuator.
Male: Yeah. We're going to put it on a shaft here. You're going to install the set screw.
Then, the last thing you're going to do on this station, you're going to check the rotational
clearance on the rotating groove.
Justin: This is where you set the actuator, correct?
Male: Correct.
Justin: And that's with your set screw that we just installed.
Male: Correct.
Justin: Now it's testing. What's the final result?
Male: You got a pass.
Justin: Pass. Look at that, built my first successful supercharger. This has been a pretty
awesome experience, man.
Male: No problem.
Justin: All right, guys, we're in the 2015 Roush RS3. This thing is incredible, man,
627 horsepower. Letting it rip in second gear. This thing is awesome. The coilovers, they
ride great. They really do. It sounds great. The Roush active exhaust system here in the
2015 is done up in a way that it flows well with the factory car. In fact, take a great
interior already here, add the little touches, for instance the gauges, speedometer, and
tach, and they really hit this one out of the park with the RS3. Unfortunately, I have
to bring this thing back to the shop, but not before I do one last burnout. I'm Justin.
Thanks for watching, and for all things Mustang keep it right here at americanmuscle.com.
Stephanie: What's up guys? Stephanie here. This month I want to point out Roush's axle-back
for the 2015. Roush has some great products in general, and they continue the norm here
with the products for 2015 Mustangs like axle-backs for the GT, Ecoboost and V6 Mustangs.
When we're talking about axle-backs, Roush has been known to produce products that are
on the more aggressive side of the scale, and that's exactly where the axle-backs for
the S550s fall. The exhaust note comes thanks to the open chambered or hollow chamber muffler
design. Also keep in mind that the tone of your exhaust note can change depending on
what you have going on with the rest of your exhaust system. Another thing I really like
about these axle-backs is that they're stainless steel which is a great quality when we're
talking about exhaust systems. Lastly, both of the axle-backs for the 2015 come with four
inch tips and have been chrome flashed for a nice finishing touch.
Let's take a quick listen to see how the Roush axle-back sounds on a 2015 GT. You guys can
now head back to the site and check out these Roush axle-backs for your S550 that are available
here at americanmuscle.com.
Justin: All right, guys, that's going to wrap up our special Roush edition of Hot Lap. We
really hope you enjoyed it all. I know I did. We had a great time checking out their facilities
getting to see where they make their awesome cars and getting to assemble a blower myself.
It was awesome. Again, thanks for watching. I'm out of here. For all things Mustang keep
it right here at americanmuscle.com
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Hot Lap: 2015 Roush RS3 Test + Build a Supercharger! - AmericanMuscle.com

957 Folder Collection
鄭宇廷 published on December 2, 2015
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