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  • Are ya lost?

  • You're Stifler's mom. Uh...

  • No, no, not lost. Just, um,

  • you know, taking the tour.

  • Hey, uh, thank you for letting us have this wonderful party.

  • As if there was an alternative in the matter.

  • So, you enjoying yourself?

  • I'm... three sheets to the wind, ma'am.

  • I'm so happy for you.

  • But it takes the edge off, doesn't it?

  • - Where's your little date tonight? - No date. It was...

  • It was a bathroom incident.

  • - Pardon me? - Never mind.

  • You have anything to drink?

  • I believe the kegs are upstairs.

  • That is what the cretins drink.

  • I'm talking about alcohol, liquor.

  • - The good stuff. - All right.

  • I got some scotch.

  • - Single malt? - Aged 18 years.

  • The way I like it.

  • Why don't you go grab a glass from the bar?

  • I think I should.

  • Allow me.

  • You know it's a bitchin' party.

  • The Stif-man always comes through in the clutch.

Are ya lost?

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American Pie (12/12) Movie CLIP - Stifler's Mom (1999) HD

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