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  • - [Man On TV] Oh, doggie wants to hide his bone. - [Woman] Yes!

  • Oh, yeah! I'm bone smugglin', baby.

  • - Man, would you shut up! - [Moaning Continues]

  • Hey, Jimmy. Just wanted to say sweet dreams.

  • Yeah, yeah. Sweet dreams. Good night, Mom.

  • - Kiss good night. - [Moaning Continues]

  • - [Mom] Something wrong with the reception? - Uh, yeah. Yeah.

  • - There's... There's this nature show that I'm trying to watch. - [Man On TV] Take it off.

  • - And the birds are all scrambled and I can't even... - [Woman On TV] Do me! Yes!

  • - [Jimmy Groans] - Baby! Ride me like a pony!

  • - The thing must be broken or I sat on the remote or something. - [Moans Continue]

  • - Getting ready for bed, son? - Yup, I'm all set, Dad. I'm all set.

  • - Yeah? - No! No, I think he's tried to watch some illegal channels.

  • - Illegal... Illegal channels? - This is just bad reception, honey.

  • - [Man On TV] Oh, spank my hairy ass! - What's that?

  • - Ooh, baby! - You know what? Here. Just give me this, please...

  • - Oh, my God! - And let's get this... Ohh!

  • Okay, okay. Let's, uh... What the hell's the matter with this thing?

  • [Woman On TV] Yes!

  • [Woman On TV] Yes!

  • [Boy] Illegal channels? Shit!

- [Man On TV] Oh, doggie wants to hide his bone. - [Woman] Yes!

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American Pie (1/12) Movie CLIP - Penis Tube Sock (1999) HD

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