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This week, China held historic meeting with Chinese Taipei.
Now this might not sound like much, but it did pay the curiosity of one of our viewers.
Um, actually in fact we have a letter here, Charlie. From Emily, if I can get it out.
Um, props.
Um, Emily of Mormon writing: Dear Mansion, I'm confused.
What's the difference between the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China?
Your heart, love, Emily.
You know what does that sound like, Michael?
Sounds like a job for the news lab.
(Charlie and Michael going to the News Lab)
Once upon a time, there was the Republic of China, which was ruled by a group of people called the Nationalists.
Then, the communists came along and a massive war ensued, Leading to these guys fling to here.
The only part left of what was the Republic of China.
And these guys running what they called, the People's Republic of China.
I hope I'm being clear.
I'm sure Emily is very happy about that one.
Now we have another E-mail file via BlackBerry from [email protected]
She writes: So, how many Chinas are there? Your heart.
Well, hot Christie, there is only one China.
One China composed of two separate and completely different China.
The problem being that: China thinks it's China while China also think it's China.
But decided that there are two Chinas which means there is no longer one China.
Decided that there is no longer one China will be a really slap in the faceto China and China.
You dig?
I'll tell you we here from Lance of parrot, he write:
So, which China is actual China? Stop, your heart, stop.
Well, Lance, most countries recognize China as China, but some recognize China as China.
Now, if you recognize China, then you can't officially talk to China.
Now, China hates it when you talk to China, but China really hates it when you talk to China.
The interesting event, this week was that China actually spoke to China.
Now Philip Karendale Skypes: So, let me get this straight, mainland China is China? Your heart.
In a way, Phil.
Most people call mainland China, the People's Republic of China, China.
While others believe that the Republic of China is China.
They also call it Chinese Taipei and Taiwan.
But China prefers Chinese Taipei and not Taiwan.
Because Taiwan is hardly China, is it?
At the very heart of it though, China and China both want to be China.
But you can only have one China, and that's...
And finally Gail of Popcorn says via carrier pigeon:
I'm sorry Charlie, I missed all that, could you repeat that for me? Your heart.
Yes, how about you go fuck yourself?
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Two Chinas - The Mansion News Lab

43267 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on December 15, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    Ruby Lu reviewed
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