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  • The Migrant Crisis has resulted in millions of Middle Eastern and North African refugees

  • seeking asylum in Europe. Refugees have faced hostility from nationalist groups, despite

  • having a number of international protections. So what rights do refugees have?

  • First, it’s important to clarify who falls into this category. Refugees and asylum seekers,

  • are those who have been displaced from their home countries due to unforeseeable circumstances

  • like war or cultural persecution. The term refugee is simply another name for asylum

  • seekers whose asylum application has been approved. Additionally, the termmigrant

  • applies to all those travelling between countries, including economic refugees.

  • Fortunately for refugees, the United Nations defines a number of rights to protect and

  • care for vulnerable migrants. Those rights were outlined in the UN’s 1951 refugee convention,

  • which was originally created to help Europe cope with millions of stateless people following

  • World War 2.

  • According to the convention, if a displaced person faces persecution on the basis of their

  • beliefs or identity, they are legally allowed to enter a foreign country to ask for asylum.

  • Additionally, this host country is not allowed to send them back to their home state if their

  • life or freedom would be threatened.” These situations are often the result of war

  • or genocide, which displace large numbers of people; however, unrelated events like

  • natural disasters or generalized violence do not usually qualify victims for refugee status.

  • But the law doesn’t stop at protecting a refugee’s life; the United Nations also

  • mandates that countries must respect a refugee’s well-being.

  • Refugees have the right to access the courts, to primary education, to work, and to obtain

  • identity cards. Countries are also encouraged to provide refugees with other welfare services,

  • and to ensure the unity of a refugee’s family. Nearly all services available to legal immigrants

  • are also available to refugees. In the US, they are eligible for Social Security,

  • Food Stamps, Medicare, Section 8 public housing, and many more aid programs. Across Europe,

  • the extent of refugee aid varies widely, but many have automatic access to financial aid

  • and shelter. In the UK, if you are recognized as a refugee, you will be entitled to the

  • same social and economic rights as UK citizens’.

  • However, refugees arriving in Europe are constricted by the Dublin Regulation, which states that

  • asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first country of arrival. This is generally

  • to prevent them from sending out multiple applications, and to ensure their claim is

  • dealt with quickly in one country at a time. However, in August 2015, Germany lifted this

  • restriction on their end, allowing in any Syrian refugees.

  • While refugees may be temporarily stateless and helpless, the international community

  • has made it clear that they must be given legitimate opportunities to survive in the

  • face of persecution. Although critics have voiced concerns that the incoming wave of

  • migrants threatens their country or way of life, there are few arguments to be made against

  • assisting those who are actively in danger. In fact, some sources say that incoming refugees

  • can have major, long-term benefits in innovation and business for host countries. While there

  • are some questions as to how European countries will deal with the flood of asylum seekers,

  • there is no question as to the validity of their rights.

  • Weve talked about the rights of refugees, but what about the right to asylum? How does

  • that work? Get the tidbits by watching this video.

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The Migrant Crisis has resulted in millions of Middle Eastern and North African refugees

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What Rights Do Refugees Have?

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