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  • [A Crisis of Energy]

  • What would happen if we didn't have oil?

  • Or if the price of oil goes suddenly up three or five times?

  • Well, many people would not be able to drive their cars around anymore.

  • Bus fares would go up, and we would not be able to use many things that depend on oil.

  • Imagine how difficult are lives would be.

  • Well, this actually happened in 1973, and made many people change the way they thought about energy.

  • Let's find out what happened.

  • By 1970, wealthy, developed nations, such as the USA and countries in Western Europe were using a lot of oil.

  • They imported oil from Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • However, in 1973, the Arab-Israeli War broke out, and the United States decided to support Israel.

  • This angered many of the Arab countries and they decided not to sell their oil to the United States and its allies, mostly in Western Europe.

  • This led to major changes in the United States.

  • Oil prices increased by four times in just three months.

  • Gas stations did not have enough gas to sell.

  • As a result, prices for virtually everything went up in the US and Western Europe.

  • After experiencing this, many people started thinking twice about their dependency on oil.

  • This led to using other energy sources, such as nuclear and renewable energy.

[A Crisis of Energy]

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