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She is the brightest and most innovative.
The best campaign strategist in the game.
Responsible for the greatest political upset in history.
You're a fighter, Jane.
I'm giving you another shot at the title.
It's a presidential campaign in South America.
Fragile democracy, economy in real trouble.
Our candidate is considered arrogant and out of touch with people's lives.
How far are we behind?
28 points.
The opposition has hired their own American, Pat Candy.
Jane Bodine.
So what are you doing here, I thought you retired or gave up or something.
What happened to your hair?
So you've still got your great sense of humor.
How many times have you gone against Candy?
Three or four times.
How many times has he beat you?
Uh, three or four times.
If you wanna win, we're gonna have to take risks.
You're my tracker.
Every event that Rivera attends, every speech, you tape it.
If security beats you up, you are doing your job right.
Get that beating on tape.
Wake up. This is war.
There is only one wrong in this.
Only one and that is losing.
(Maybe check and see if anyone understood that.)
Levanta la mano si habla ingles.
If you should feel something during the interview, like you have some tears,
could you just turn towards the camera?
Whoa, whoa, look at him.
This is it.
5 points up!
If I lose to Candy now, I swear to God...
This actually kinda matters, Jane.
This country could go under.
We're talking about people's lives.
You like to pretend you're not one of us.
If you fight with monsters for too long, you become a monster.
Is this your neighborhood?
Where you live?
People will get hurt.
What are you gonna do?
We are trying to save people's lives.
These are the stakes.
And I'm not gonna stand by and watch as this nation falls apart.
This is no longer an election.
This is a crisis.
We are going to shoot the commercial por favor.
This animal will lead us to prosperity.
No, no, no, Marco! Marco!
I think he killed himself rather than be in one of our commercials.
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Our Brand Is Crisis - Official Trailer [HD]

17849 Folder Collection
Pi-Chien Hu published on November 26, 2015    Pi-Chien Hu translated    Harvey Pan reviewed
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