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  • - You look amazing. - Hello, Graham.

  • - Hello. - Hello, I'm Jenny. - Nice to meet you, Jenny.

  • That's so good.

  • You look so not like yourself.

  • I had to put gloves on to cover my tattoos.

  • If somebody else sitting here it's like a really awkward blind date. "Would I recognize her when she walks out?" They made your eyes look a little different.

  • Just make my eyes more catty, and then I've got a fake chin and a fake nose, and she's drawn my lips smaller.

  • Oh, so that, the chin is fake, as well? I've got butt chin, they'll know, right?

  • You're not gonna speak like this, you're gonna do the ...

  • I'm gonna do Jenny. Stay calm, slow because I talk really fast, really harsh.

  • A voice of my day job, cause I'm a nanny. So nannies talk really slow, very calm. I'm trying to make my role make sense.

  • I guess you should go back stage and get ready for this.

  • I will walk like this as well... or I could go like that.

  • Alright, we're about to kick off. The first Adele is taking to the stage.

  • Here we go.

  • - I am Gabriella. - Jenny.

  • - Do you guys just do Adele? Anyone, do you just do Adele? - Yeah, I've just sort it out.

  • - I can't wait for her new album, new music. - Oh yeah.

  • She's taking her time.

  • - Try saying that to her face! - I'd like to see the reaction. - I would.

  • She's chatting. She's chatting.

  • She's got her hands.

  • - I've been doing this for about six months. - So what about you? - Five years. - You? - Four.

  • Mine has been a little slow recently, not that many. Yeah, not much of demand.

  • - I'll think she'd like him. - She would like him. Yeah, she really would like him.

  • So when she's in Royal Albert Hall, she decides that she wants to take her shoes off cause they hurt. So if my feet hurt, I might take them off. Is that fair girls? That's fair! Make it like Adele.

  • - I'm actually feeling quiet sick. - Are you all right? - I am feeling a bit dizzy, actually. -Do you wanna sit down? - Do you wanna go and get some fresh air? - I'm not feeling great.

  • Jenny standing by, Jenny walk out. My key, 3 2 1 action.

  • - Sorry. Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous. - Do you want some water? I'll do it one more time. -Okay one more time. - One more. -Okay.

  • She was really nervous apparently. Was she? Yeah, she had to sit down

  • You are joking me.

  • - It's Adele. - It's not. - It is! It's Adele.

  • It's not her. Honestly!

  • Jenny's on the stage now, singing. And I think the other Adeles are finally twigged.

  • My God. No way. She's got my nose.

  • Now I'm getting bit teary. This is so lovely!

  • Adeles, meet your Adele!

  • Oh my god! It's really.

  • It's Adele?

  • I can't believe it.

  • I'm gobsmacked.

  • I think I was maybe the last person to click.

  • As soon as she opened her mouth, you can just can't mimic like that.

  • It's just beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you.

- You look amazing. - Hello, Graham.

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Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny!

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    Harvey Pan posted on 2021/06/03
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