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You look amazing. (Hello, Graham) Hello. (Hello, I'm Jenny) nice to meet you, Jenny
That's so good
You look so not like yourself
I had to put gloves on to cover my tattoos
If someone else were sitting here it's like a really awkward blind date. “would I recognize her when she walks out?”... They made your eyes look a little different.
Just make my eyes more catty, and then I've gotten a fake chin and fake nose, and she's drawn my lips more light.
Oh, so the chin is fake, as well? I got bum chin, they'll know, right?
Are you not gonna to speak like this... I'm going to do Jenny. Stay calm, slow because I talk really slow, really harsh.
a voice of my age, cause I'm a nanny. So nannies talk really slow, really calm. Try to make my role make sense.
I guess you should go back stage and get ready for this.
I will walk like this as well... or I could go like that
Alright, we're about to kick off. The first Adele is taking to the stage.
Here we go
-I am Capriana. -Jenny.
- Do you guys just do Adele? Everybody just do Adele? - Yeah, I've just sort it out.
- I can't wait for her new album, new music - Oh yeah
She's taking her time
- Try saying that to her face! - I'd like to see the reaction. - I would.
She's chatting. She's chatting.
She's got her hands.
- I've been doing this for about six months. - So what about you? - Five years. - You? - Four. Mine has been a little slow recently, not that many. Yeah, not much of demand.
I'll think she'd like him. She would like him. Yeah, she would really like him.
So when she's in Royal Albert Hall, she decides she wants to take her shoes off cause they hurt. So if my feet hurt, I might take them off. Is that fair girls? That's fair! Make it like Adele.
- I'm actually feeling quiet sick. I am feeling a bit dizzy, too. - Do you want to go and get some fresh air? I'm not feeling great.
Jenny standing by, Jenny walk out. My key, 3 2 1 action.
Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous. I'll do it one more time. One more.
She was really nervous apparently. Wasn't she? Yeah, she had to sit down
You are joking me
- It's Adele. - It's not. - It is! Honestly!
Jenny is on the stage now, singing. And I think the other Adeles are finally twigged.
She's wearing a fake nose. She wears a plastic nose.
Now I'm getting teary. It is so lovely!
Adeles, meet your Adele!
Oh my god!
It's Adele?
I can't believe it.
I'm gobsmacked.
I think I was maybe the last person to click
As soon as she opened her mouth, you can just tell....you can't mimic like that.
It's just beautiful.Thank you.
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Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny! (lyrics)

55510 Folder Collection
Harvey Pan published on December 30, 2017    Harvey Pan translated    reviewed
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