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  • Shaping a city.

  • Here are two cities: The one on the left is an old city.

  • And the one on the right is a new city.

  • Do you notice any difference between them?

  • The biggest difference between them is that they are shaped differently.

  • The old city is shaped like a circle, and the new city is shaped like a rectangle.

  • Let's find out why these two types of cities have different shapes.

  • Many modern cities were built using a grid plan.

  • An example of a city built using a grid plan is Chicago in the United States.

  • The map of Chicago shows that all of its streets intersect to form a perfect grid.

  • All the streets runs perfectly parallel and perpendicular to one another.

  • On the other hand, many old cities have grown organically, or naturally with rounded curves.

  • A perfect example of an organic city is Moscow, Russia.

  • At the center of the city is the Kremlin, Russia's former royal palace.

  • Many years ago, city citizens began building shops and houses outward from the Kremlin in all directions.

  • Later, roads were built to connect the houses.

  • Since the roads were built later, they do not form a grid.

  • Instead, it is shaped like a circle.

Shaping a city.

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