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  • - Monty, don't sign anything ! - Miss Drake, this is a private meeting !

  • Leave or you'll be fired. Sign right here, son.

  • Warren cheated and these two put him up to it.

  • He purposely withheld a $20,000 deposit so Monty would think he already spent it.

  • I forgot to give her the receipt.

  • Gentlemen, is there any truth to this accusation ?

  • Totally preposterous. We're completely innocent. You are fired, Miss Drake.

  • My lucky day, huh, Warren ?

  • You're my pal, right ?

  • You're a liar, Warren ! You tricked me-- set me up !

  • Oh, no, not at all. That was a coincidence.

  • You're a terrible liar, Warren, and an awful decorator.

  • - It's better than being a couple of rabbits. - What are you insinuating ?

  • - You're a big girl. You figure it out. - Hold it, hold it.

  • Sister, take it easy. You're a lady and I want you to remain a lady.

  • That's excellent advice, Mr. Brewster, but a little late, don't you think ?

  • I'm glad you did that, Brewster,

  • because I'm gonna sue you for so much money that you're gonna be in debt to me for life.

  • How'd you like to settle out of court right now for $20,000 cash ?

  • You think I came down with the last drop of rain ?

  • I'm not falling for that trick. Uh-uh, no settlements.

  • I'm gonna take you to court, Brewster. What are you gonna do about that ?

  • [ Clock Chiming ] When that clock strikes 1 2:00, you are dead broke for life.

  • You're a loser, Brewster-- a real loser.

  • I'm gonna need an attorney, Miss Drake. Will $20,000 be enough of a retainer ?

  • I don't have a degree yet. You can get a degree with $20,000. It's an advance.

  • - You need a receipt ! - Yes !

  • I'll give you a receipt. Please !

  • - [ Chiming Continues ] - Please ! Hurry, please !

  • As the executor of your great uncle's will,

  • I hereby declare that the full inheritance of $300 million is yours.

  • Wow ! Congratulations.

  • Gentlemen, I sense conspiracy to defraud here.

  • I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to order a full investigation, with your consent, Mr. Brewster.

  • Well, I'll... send 'em to the showers.

  • It'll take about 20 years to dry off where you're going. Better take a big towel.

  • Mr. Roundfield, you're a real nice man.

  • Thank you very much. You're a real nice man. Uh, Warren ?

  • Better learn the blues. You know.

  • # Hey, baby I'm sorry I did it #

  • [ Laughs ] # I didn't mean to do it #

- Monty, don't sign anything ! - Miss Drake, this is a private meeting !

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Brewster's Millions (13/13) Movie CLIP - Brewster Becomes a Millionaire (1985) HD

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