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I'm Richard Rawlings with gas monkey garage with my painter KC from my show fast and loud
on Discovery Channel. We’re very lucky very blessed be when right now we're out at SEMA
to have a good time. We’re at the Valspar booth they've been a great partner with us
on all of our paint products. So far in less than three years we build 72 cars most of
those have had paint of some sorts if not some paint. And to be out here partying having
a good time at SEAM seeing the cars and hanging with Valspar that’s what we’re all about.
The Valspar line of products is phenomenal and it allows us to move fast there stuff
is always on time always there it's right there at our fingertips the mixing station
mixing booths we have are able enough to lay down paint. We are buildings cars in to weeks
including paint and there's not very many shops out there that can pull that off and
a KC he knows what he's doing will bring in something old resting corroded turnaround
came right back out here 14 days. I’m excited about our relationship with Valspar you know
the House of Kolor stuff and everything else we've had a few tricks up our sleeves for
next season and we’re going to pull out some phenomenal paint job so that’s up to
KC he’s the one with the gun I’m the one with the cash. Let’s rock.
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Gas Monkey Garage Takes Over SEMA 2014 with Valspar Automotive

1424 Folder Collection
鄭宇廷 published on November 22, 2015
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