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  • Hey, Ken Dixon.

  • It's a pleasure to be on the same field with you, Mr. Dixon.

  • I admire your work. You're a great hitter.

  • That pitcher of yours sure thinks he's cute, don't he ? He sure does.

  • You had a great season this year, Mr. Dixon.

  • I saw that game in Boston back in June. You saw that game ?

  • Yeah, I saw that game.

  • Strike !

  • Boy, I tell you, great game.

  • Two home runs, a triple, six RBIs all told.

  • I can't believe you didn't make the all-star team. I didn't believe it either.

  • Strike two. Foul ball.

  • Come on, Monty ! Keep it in there !

  • Hey, Dixon, I saw your wife on television too. Yeah ?

  • - She sure is an ugly bitch. - Thanks.

  • - Strike three ! You're out ! - You can't call my wife ugly !

  • I'll call her anything ! Get out of here, Dixon !

  • I don't care ! And you shut up.

  • Get out of here. [ Indistinct ]

  • Get out of here ! You, shut up ! What did I say ?

  • What happened ? What did he say ? Called my wife an ugly bitch.

  • That's bullshit ! [ Indistinct ]

  • You're an asshole ! Come back here !

  • A very heated exchange. And looks like this game may have some real spirit after all.

  • [ Chattering ] It's all right. All right. Come on.

  • One word out of you, fat boy, and you eat your mask.

  • You ain't gonna talk to me the way you did Dixon ?

  • Can I help it if a guy can't take a joke ?

  • Besides, have you ever seen his wife ? Yeah. Ugly bitch.

Hey, Ken Dixon.

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