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  • Hi, Monty. Big day ahead, pal. Okay. Great.

  • Let's do some business, and kick some butt around here !

  • All right. Let's kick some butt around here ! What ?

  • What ? Who the hell are you ? Who the hell are you ?

  • Who the hell am I ? I'm Morty King, king of mimics, that's who !

  • Anything you say I guarantee it'll be repeated.

  • I'm like a "ex-zerox" machine.

  • No, Warren. Hold it more to the left. Your left or my left ?

  • Oh, look, there's Warren. That must be Marilyn. Hey !

  • You just watch your mouth. You just watch your mouth.

  • Don't you remember anything I ever taught you ?

  • It's my left. It's always my left.

  • It's the decorator's left.

  • Hey. Watch out !

  • Oh, Warren! Oh, are you okay?

  • Ohh. Ahh. Oh, God. Be careful.

  • Hi. Monty Brewster. Monty Brewster ?

  • How do you do ? I've heard so much about you.

  • Please, may I call you Monty ? Of course.

  • Of course. Oh, Monty, I have the most wonderful idea for you.

  • I am going to do for you a postmodern fantasy in here.

  • Oh, I knew this was a terrible idea. What are you saying ?

  • You don't like the postmodern fantasy look ?

  • Shut your eyes, and see Mesopotamia... Mesopotamia.

  • meeting Busby Berkeley. Yes, that sounds--

  • Yes-- It's a knockout. It's a knockout.

  • We're gonna knock out the walls too.

  • Every one. Everywhere. Spare no expense. Every one. Everywhere.

  • Will you shut up ? [ Mimicking Continues ]

  • It's only for a month, darling.

  • [ Chattering Continues ] And it's going to be a very long month.

  • Get-Get four sets. Get-Get four sets.

  • Wonderful. Fine. Fine.

  • Oh, Angela. Angela. I need to speak to you.

  • Angela, did Warren tell you that I have decided,

  • as my wedding gift to you two,

  • I am going to decorate your apartment for free. That's great, Marilyn.

  • Thank you. Pas de quoi.

  • [ Mimicking ] Mr. Brewster, I'm a real good manicurist.

  • Spike, you know what I'd like you to do ? [ Mimicking Continues ]

  • What's that ? My pleasure. Choke this guy.

  • Come on, asshole ! [ Mimic Groaning ]

Hi, Monty. Big day ahead, pal. Okay. Great.

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