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- Well, hello everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley, and this week I got to go to
Florida for the weekend to go to a YouTube conference called
Playlist Live, and if you don't know what Playlist Live is,
Playlist Live is a YouTube conference every March
in Florida where a whole bunch of subscribers
come to meet their favorite YouTubers, a whole bunch
of YouTubers come to meet their favorite subscribers,
and I go to go and fangirl over everyone,
because basically, that's what happened.
So last Thursday, all of us YouTubers that live in L.A.
got on a flight all together to head on over
to Florida for Playlist Live, and everyone was vlogging,
and I was just like, if I sleep, I'll sleep for two days,
if I try to sit here, I will be bored out of my mind,
so I am starting to listen to audiobooks,
because if I read on a plane I get really dizzy,
and so I am listening to audiobooks, and I listened to,
here, let me find my book,
I listened to my absolute favorite book on my flight,
I've read it a million times, but I've never
heard the audiobook, "I Am Not Myself These Days,"
by Josh Kilmer-Purcell, it's the story of
a drag queen who falls in love with a male escort.
It's basically the best, most tragic, hilarious
love story of our time, if you haven't read it,
audible dot com slash Tyler Oakley, you can listen to
any of the books that are on there, one of them free
if you sign up through that little link,
because I was like, you know what?
If I'm gonna talk about it, y'all are gonna get
a free book out of it.
If you want to do that, the link will be below.
So, for the entire flight I listened to my book,
we landed in Florida, we got off and got to the hotel,
and we arrived and there are literally already
swarms of people in the lobby filming us entering the lobby,
and so it's very, kind of, crazy, and bizarre,
and amazing, 'cause like, a bunch of y'all came up to me
and hugged me and loved me and I was like,
let me check-in to my room before we just
engage in a big old love-fest,
and then Friday was a business day, so I was on
a couple of panels where we talked about, like,
behind-the-scenes YouTube-y stuff,
and then at one of my panels, y'all sang
"Happy Birthday" to me, and it was like,
the best thing ever, seriously, it was the best.
And then for Friday night on my birthday we went out
to dinner at Benihana with some of my favorite YouTubers
like Jack and Finn and Dan and Phil and Hannah
and Grace and Mamrie and Molly and all of these people
that I absolutely love, and I was just sitting there
at dinner thinking to myself, like, holy crap,
I get to spend my birthday with so many people
that I just look up to, and it was just,
it was mind-boggling, I loved it...
(crowd singing "Happy Birthday")
Here are just some of the people that were at my
birthday dinner, it was seriously, like, one of my
best birthdays ever, and then Friday night
was my birthday, and I may or may not have gotten
a little crazy, it was kind of terrible because
the next day I saw gifs on Tumblr of what I had done
the previous night, and it was very, like,
Katy Perry "Last Friday Night", like, I had no clue
what had gone on, and then I was seeing the gifs,
and I'm like, what have I done?
But it was an amazing time, obviously,
so then on Saturday I had a scheduled main stage performance
where I was gonna host a little talk show segment
with some of my favorite YouTubers...
(crowd cheering)
- Hello!
- [Tyler] This is for my video, sorry...
(crowd cheering)
So we had Jack and Finn and Marcus and Alfie and Caspar
and Sam and Louie and all of them were around me
and I was asking some provocative questions,
and y'all were screaming from the audience,
and the twins twerked, and I asked Alfie and Caspar
if they've ever seen each other naked,
and Sam Pepper tried to take off his shirt...
I think it went really well, I was just,
I felt so loved, especially at the end because, like,
all of the YouTubers that were on stage with me,
that I was interviewing, surprised me and came up
and embraced me and hugged me and loved me
and I was just like, if you saw the pictures of my face,
I looked like I'm in heaven, which I basically was.
It was just, like, a magical moment.
Sunday, what happened Sunday?
Sunday I went to have my meet-up, and it was supposed to
only be an hour long, because they allotted me an hour,
and I was like, girl, that ain't gonna work,
because my people like to talk, I like to talk,
I don't wanna just like, take a picture and run,
like, I wanna talk to people and like, get to know people,
so I was like, I will stay for as long as it takes
to get through everyone, and we ended up staying
for four hours, so many of you guys came,
so many of you guys that were wearing my shirts,
here are some of the pictures that you guys sent me
that we took together, my favorite thing to do
at meet-ups is to tell you guys to come with poses
that are fun, because I don't like to just sit there
and just smile at a camera, like, let's do some
crazy poses, so these, really fun, really good,
you guys are like, the best ever,
like, seriously the best ever.
I saw a lot of professional fangirls,
so it was really cool to see all of you guys,
these people that I feel like I see in the
comments all the time, or on Twitter all the time
replying to me, finally like, coming to life.
Sunday night was a more chill night,
I just relaxed, and honestly, one of my favorite things
about this YouTube conference was I really got to
hang out with a whole bunch of YouTubers that I
had hung out and loved prior, but like, get to know them
on a real, real deep level, and
I look up to these people, as content creators,
as friends, as people, it's like, it was just so cool.
It was just so cool.
So cool.
Honestly, I burst into tears on Monday while I was
packing in my room, because I was just so overwhelmed
by how much I felt love, like, love in this community,
and love with other YouTubers, and love with all of
the people that watch, and it just felt like
such a supportive, awesome environment, the whole weekend,
I feel so happy.
I feel so happy, I feel so lucky to be able to do this,
that was just so overwhelming for me.
So, just, heartwarming, and cool, and I loved it...
Here are some of my absolute favorite pictures
from the weekend that I took, and they are on Instagram
if you want to see all of them,
these are just a selection of some of my favorites,
like, ooh, look at me with that YouTuber,
like, ooh, look at me with that YouTuber,
like, ooh, girl, it was a good weekend.
And then Monday rolled around and I was so sad to be
leaving all of my favorite YouTubers, but it made me
so much more excited to do more collaborations,
and get together with more people,
and learn more about what they're producing,
and made me really want to make better content
and, you know, do more, more stuff, and go to
Summer in the City, and go to VidCon, and all these
crazy things that I can do, I really want to
look into doing more,
so if you subscribe, you will be along for the ride,
and if you liked my Playlist Live recap,
be sure to give it a thumbs-up, it was really fun
to talk about something that I just,
I legitimately got home and I was like,
I want to make a video.
I want to talk about this, because I was so excited about
the whole weekend, it was so good.
And also, the link to the free audiobook on audible dot com
will be below, just audible dot com slash tyler oakley,
you will get a free book to listen to,
and if you find one that you think I should listen to,
I will download it and listen to it,
because I need new books to listen to.
I think I might start talking about, like,
my favorite books every once in awhile,
because I never talk about books.
If you want me to, let me know,
because I listen to a lot of books,
I'm pointing at all my books,
my books are in stacks right here.
But yes! I think that is all I have for you guys
this week, I will see you guys next week,
and, until then, have a fabulous life,
and, okay, yeah, bye everyone!
Taco Bell flew me out so that I could come
to their Passion Pit concert, and it was amazing,
I had never seen Passion Pit live, but
it was really cool because they let me go to the concert
and not only be a part of the concert...
- God bless, my name is Tyler Oakley,
we're on What's Trending. (laughing)
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What REALLY Happened at Playlist Live | Tyler Oakley

663 Folder Collection
yu.chung.612 published on November 20, 2015
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