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  • Hello everyone! I'd like to show you how to do a Korean uljjang make up.

  • An uljjang have dewy and flawless looking skin, youthful and long eyes.

  • The lips look vibrant yet natural. Let's get started!

  • To achieve dewy looking skin, hydrate your face with a lotion.

  • It getting hot in Singapore, so I'll use a emulsion type toner as my lotion.

  • Massage this into your skin before moving on to the foundation.

  • You can use BB cream or a moisturizing foundation for this look,

  • anything that will give you a dewy skin. Apply a thin layer to the centre of your face to brighten it up

  • and to even out your skin tone, starting from your forehead, spread it out and move on to the under

  • eye area, and around the nose. Go back in with a second layer if you need to brighten

  • this area further.

  • Uljjang makeup is all about looking flawless, so cover up your dark circles and any other spots

  • to fake it till you look like it.

  • To add on to the dewy effect, use a pearly liquid highlighter to help reflect light.

  • Apply this to your forehead, nose bridge, and cheek area. This is the secret

  • to achieve dewy looking skin!

  • Use a setting powder to prepare your eyebrows. Keep the forehead clear this

  • time because we want that dewy look. Pick up the product from the puff and dust it over your

  • eyebrows and around the nose.

  • The uljjang look must be done with Korean style eyebrows.

  • Keep it thick, straight, and short for the youthful look.

  • You can watch my tutorial on Korean style eyebrow here!

  • Don't forget to contour your nose with the lightest shade of brown!

  • Moving on to the eyes, I'm using this lavshuca melting eyes palette.

  • Use a shimmery cream color as a base all over the lid. I'm just applying with my fingers.

  • Apply this shimmery gold to the outer corner

  • of your eye and rub along your eye socket to deepen the eyes. Notice the subtle difference?

  • Use your pinky to pick up the dark brown and apply this to the outer corner of the

  • lash line and blend. This will lengthen round eyes.

  • For thin and precise eyeliner, use a liquid eyeliner with a fine tip.

  • Lengthen your eyes by drawing a line horizontal to your lashline when your eyes are closed.

  • You will notice that it actually follows the original shape of your eyelid.

  • This extends your eyes naturally.

  • Keep the eyeliner thin but jet black. If you have very narrow eyelid,

  • this should suffice. However, if you have wider eyelids like me,

  • you'll like to thicken the outer half of the line a little. Fill in the lash line to create the

  • illusion of fuller lashes.

  • Line the inner corner of your eyes and point it diagonally downwards.

  • This helps to define and lengthen your eyes.

  • Look at the difference!

  • Let me quickly finish the other eye!

  • Next, we'll have to accentuate our under eye area, the Koreans called it aegyo sal

  • and it makes the eyes look youthful! We'll need a pearly pen for this!

  • Squint your eyes a little to pull up that muscle,

  • and then just draw over the part of your lid that popped out!

  • Then, blend it out with your finger.

  • The pearly pen will highlight this area to make it look puffier.

  • Mix the two shades of brown to add some shadows.

  • Squint your eye again, and gently shade the part that sinks in,

  • make it slightly wider than your iris.

  • This method helps you define your aegyo sal without overdoing it.

  • Curl your lashes before loading up on the lengthening mascara.

  • Choose a formula with fibre that gives you natural length.

  • For the lips and cheeks, I'll be using this new lip mousse that I got.

  • It's a very bright red, very suitable for uljjang makeup as they like vibrant lips,

  • but we'll keep the intensity low by using it as a tint.

  • Spread a little on your lips and keep smacking it to thin it out.

  • Apply a dot onto your finger

  • and spread it thin before applying to your cheeks.

  • Dot it and blend by tapping a thousand times.

  • And we're finally done!

  • The aegyo sal will make your eyes look smily and youthful all the time!

  • I hope you like this look!

  • Some of the products are from my recent Korean beauty haul, you can watch it here!

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  • I'll see you guys next week, BYE!

Hello everyone! I'd like to show you how to do a Korean uljjang make up.

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How To Korean Ulzzang/Uljjang MakeUp (ft Aegyo Sal) [with subtitles]

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