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We are here at the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada, USA,
and we’re going to be writing Stephanie’s message to her dad onto the desert floor.
We’re going to make it into a size so big that her dad will be able to see it from outer space.
In this film, we’re trying to show that a car can be more than just a means of transportation
but a lifetime partner to the consumers.
The Genesis can’t bring Stephanie to her dad in outer space but it can help bring her message to her dad.
And I hope through this project it will bring Stephanie and her dad closer than even before.
We started working on this project from Korea, Los Angeles, and even some European teams as well.
The challenge was to create something that could be seen from space.
So we looked at different locations because we had to write something that was able to be seen from space.
So we ended up writing this message that was about one and a half times the size of Central park in New York City.
So the main challenge was the scale of it.
And we took weeks laying out and drawing with GPS with a pretty substantial crew to make sure that
the drivers would know where to drive. That was the challenge, the scale of it was.
Yes, we needed a large dry lake bed and we scouted this location about 3 times,
the Delamar Dry Lake bed in Nevada, and they had the best conditions for us to lay out our message.
The method of land surveying that we used for this project was Global Positioning System, GPS basically
and we used satellites to locate the perimeter and then we placed the image that we were trying to project
and then just rotated it in place and went out and laid it out once we obtained the GPS coordinates of what we needed to lay out.
This project, when it unfolded and I was first approached about it, the concerns were heavy.
There’s a huge demand to do these types of things with precision, endurance of the vehicle, its agility, its handling, nimbleness,
and the Genesis was the final selection. I couldn’t compliment the vehicle any more.
It worked perfectly out here and as you can see it’s an absolutely desolate location, and the heat, the terrain, it was quite difficult.
The vehicle holds up to all of its statements.
I couldn’t ask for a greater bunch of guys to be with me.
It’s family, it’s a team, it’s fun, it’s wonderful.
Considering the possibility of rain and wind, it was really important to finish every shot in a very limited time.
To do this, we had to deploy a large variety of technical devices.
A helicopter with shotover system, a camera stabilization system and many other types of cameras were used.
This is a huge project.
It’s bigger than anything I’ve seen before,
the scale of the drawing and everything we’re doing here.
And we don’t want to let Stephanie down so we’re covering this off.
Can’t have any weather come in, if it rains, if the wind blows,the whole message can be erased and we won’t be able to see it from space.
It is very rewarding to have worked on it for so long, to have involved so many people, everybody just gave it their heart, passion,
and at the end to see Stephanie and her father, bringing a smile to their face is very, very rewarding.
This was an official Guinness World Records title attempt for Largest Tire Track Image.
Hyundai blew it out of the water with an incredible achievement, what’s even more amazing is seeing it take shape in person
over such a large space, It’s a truly incredible achievement. And It is officially amazing.
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Hyundai : A Message to Space - Behind the Scenes

1027 Folder Collection
FredGTX published on November 17, 2015
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