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  • That was a military transport plane.

  • If there was heroin was onboard,

  • then someone in the military would have to be involved.

  • Which means that even as it fights a war that's claimed

  • 50,000 American lives, the military is smuggling narcotics.

  • That is how this event today will be interpreted.

  • That someone employed by this office

  • believes that the United States Army is in the drug trafficking business

  • and is trying to prove it by desecrating the remains of young men

  • who have given their lives in the defense of democracy!

  • - There is dope on that plane. - Shut the fuck up!

  • Is it any wonder, then, because of your actions,

  • the entire federal narcotics program is now in jeopardy

  • of being dismantled as completely and enthusiastically

  • as that fucking transport plane?

  • That is what you've accomplished, Mr. Roberts, single-handedly.

  • I had good information.

  • That the target of my investigation was bringing dope in on that plane.

  • - And that target is? - Frank Lucas.

  • - Who? - His name's Frank Lucas.

  • Who is Frank Lucas? Who does he work for? Which family?

  • He's not Italian. He's black.

  • Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?

  • You're this close to the end of your career in law enforcement

  • and you're making fucking jokes?

  • My investigation indicates

  • that Frank Lucas is above the Mafia in the dope business.

  • My investigations also indicate

  • that Frank Lucas buys direct from a source in Southeast Asia.

  • He cuts out the middlemen and uses US military planes

  • and personnel to transport pure #4 heroin into the United States

  • and he's been doing so on a regular basis since 1969.

  • I have cases against every member of Frank's organization.

  • Frank's organization?

  • No fucking nigger has ever accomplished what the American Mafia hasn't in 100 years!

  • And you would know that how? Why? 'Cause your head is stuck up your fucking ass?

  • Hey, Lou, do me a favor. Will you get this fucking kike out of here?

  • Kike? Kike?

  • Richie, no.

That was a military transport plane.

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