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Hi everyone, it's Alejandra. And welcome to the part 2 of my back to school supply haul.
So yesterday I showed you the best school supplies I got from Dollar Tree for under $20.
And today, I'm going to show you all the best school supplies I found at Wal-Mart for just under $20.
And I'm so excited we're doing this video because I just found so many
awesome things at Wal-Mart and I'm just so excited to share with you what I found.
So just one last thing before I get started. Tomorrow, I'm going to show you the best school
supplies I found for under $20 at Target. So that's going to be part 3. OK. So let me
show you what I found at Wal-Mart.
OK. So the first thing I found at Wal-Mart was this awesome binder. So I have never heard
of this brand. It's called Xtrm, X-T-R-M. So I don't know if this is a Wal-Mart brand
binder or what. But this seems like a really nice binder. In fact, I feel like this is
the better binder of Wal-Mart because it just seems so durable. It comes in so many different
colors. They had hot pink, white, black, lime green, and I think blue, and I think a few
other colors. With the supplies I got, I feel like white just makes all the colors pop which
I'm going to show you in a second. I really wanted hot pink but I feel like it was too
colorful like it did not match at all. So that's why I got white.
But it has a nice like plastic thing in the front so you can slip something in. And then
the inside, of the binder rings are on the back spine which is really nice because the
papers don't move when you open the binder. And the rings, they open and they close so
nicely just like the Better Binder. So yeah, I feel like this is a really nice binder.
So this is the one inch. It was $4.97, which I guess that's a pretty decent price for a
binder, a binder of this quality, is a good price. All right. So let me just line this
up so we can make this video look and nice and organized. OK. So that's the first thing.
The second thing I found was a pack of paper. So yesterday I showed you a pack of 150 sheets
of paper from Dollar Tree for a dollar. This is the same amount of paper for $0.82. So
it's $0.18 less than Dollar Tree. So I thought that was a great find. So if you're looking
for lined paper, Wal-Mart is your best bet because it's cheapest here and it's actually
the same price at Target which I'm going to show my Target haul tomorrow.
OK. So the next thing I found were these awesome Color-Coded Avery Dividers in pretty colors.
See, I wanted to get the hot pink binder but I feel like with these dividers, it didn't
really match that well. It just didn't look very nice. So I feel like the white is nice
with these fun dividers. So the reason why I like these dividers, well one thing, it
fit the price because I was - there were cheaper dividers but I feel like I didn't really want
skimp out on dividers. Like if I only had 20 bucks to spend, I would spend it on nicer
dividers because, I don't know, you just want to turn a tab nicely. At least I do. So I
spend a little bit more in dividers.
But anyways, I like how they're plastic. They're not paper, which means you can reuse them
year after year and they're not really going to get damaged or like tear or anything. And
plus, you can just take your label maker and on the front divider, I would just label like
Math, Science, Social Studies, blah, blah, blah with my label maker. And because this
is plastic, the label would just peel off really nicely and so you can just reuse them
each semester or each year. So yeah, so those are the best dividers I found at Wal-Mart.
OK. So let me just scoot this over so you could see the pretty colors. I think it's
just me that wants to see the pretty colors but it just looks more organized.
OK. The next thing I found was a 1 Subject notebook for $0.17. Like how crazy $0.17 for
this? I thought that was awesome. And it has the perforation on the edge. I don't know
if you can see that. And it has the dark lines which I absolutely love. I said in yesterday's
video that I was crazy about dark lines because your notes just look more organized when the
lines are darker and the pages filled out. That sounds really weird. But anyways, I thought
this was an awesome notebook and it came in like any color you could think of. I feel
like yellow matched really well with this binder that I was putting together. So yeah,
so $0.17, it's $0.83 cheaper than Dollar Tree. So Wal-Mart just had amazing prices.
OK. The next thing I found that I'm just like crazy about is this fun composition book and
a fun striped rainbow pattern. And it was a little bit more expensive. It was a $1.97.
The other - like the regular composition notebooks, I think that just like the black and white
marble ones, I think those were either $0.50 or $0.97. I think they were $0.97. But I feel
like - all right, if I only have 20 bucks, I'd rather spend a dollar more and get a fun
composition notebook that I'm going to enjoy taking notes with. So this had dark lines
also. They're not as dark but they are dark. Can you see that? Yeah, they're not as dark
but they're still dark. So anyway, I feel like that composition notebook was really
OK. The next thing I found was this pencil case. So they have a lot of different pencil
cases. This was actually the cheapest one. And I tried out the zipper. The zipper opens
and closes really nice and smoothly. And yeah, I felt like $0.97, that's such a great deal
for a pencil case and it seems like it's good quality. It has a nice window in the front
so you can see what's inside. And it came in green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange.
So they came in five different colors.
All right. The next thing I found was a 3-pack of highlighters. So I mentioned this yesterday.
Dollar Tree, they had a 4-pack for a dollar. And I feel like you can get any brand highlighters
and they work just as well as a named brand ones. So I feel like, "OK. Well, if we only
have 20 bucks to spend, I feel like I can just get the cheap highlighters."
I found a 4-pack of post-it notes for a dollar in four fun colors and they're the actual
Post-it brands.
So yesterday at Dollar Tree, I showed you a 4-pack. I think there was 400 sheets total
for a dollar. Here, you only get 200 sheets total but you get the real - I don't want
to say the real brand but you get the nice brand of post-it notes. And sometimes when
you get the real brand, they work a little nicer. So in this case, like this might stick
a little nicer than the Dollar Tree version.
All right. The next thing I found was a 10-pack of mechanical pencil for a $1.46. So I thought
this was a really great price. I love mechanical pencils. When I was in school, we were lucky
if we were able to afford buying a mechanical pencil because they were always like the more
expensive ones. But I thought that's not too bad. It's like $0.14 a pencil. I don't know.
I feel like yeah, that wasn't too bad of a price. There were other mechanical pencils
that were more expensive. But I feel like any mechanical pencil is a good pencil.
OK. And so the last thing I got was a 4-pack of Uni-ball pens. So I kind of splurge on
this but I feel like - like personally speaking, I rather write with a nicer pen and like cut
corners in other areas like the highlighter, the pencil case, or the notebook which is
still a nice notebook. But I rather have a nicer pen and have other not as nice supplies.
So I spent a little bit more and I spent $4.24 on a 4-pack of Uni-ball pens because Uni-ball
pens are my favorite pens. So this pack comes with two blacks, a blue, and a red. So you
get all your colors right there for like a little over $1.05 per pen. And this is actually
on sale. It was regularly I think $6.29 or something so it was on sale and I was still
able to afford it with my $20 budget.
OK. So that's everything I found at Wal-Mart. Total price of everything was $20.60 for everything
you see here. So I was $0.60 over my budget. Now, if I went to Wal-Mart and I only had
a $20 bill and I had to pull something out, I would probably pull the pencils out or I'd
pull the highlighters or the pencil case. I feel like you could always find a pencil
around the house or you could find a highlighter around the house or you could always reuse
last year's pencil case. So then that would leave me under 20 bucks. But everything else,
I like - I want to be fresh like the pens, the dividers, the notebook, the binder and
stuff, and post-its and stuff.
And actually, I forgot to mention that these are erasable highlighters. I thought that
was so cool. I really want to open them and try them out but I'm planning to donate all
the things you see here and all the things in tomorrow's haul and yesterday's haul. And
I wanted to give somebody else the joy of opening up these school supplies for the first
time because that's always so fun. So I do not get to try this out.
But I hope this video was helpful. And if you missed yesterday's Dollar Tree haul, I
basically did the same thing you see here but 20 bucks at Dollar Tree. And then tomorrow's
haul is 20 bucks at Target of finding the best school supplies. So you can come back
tomorrow if you want to see everything I got at Target.
All right. I hope this video was helpful. And I will see you soon. Bye!
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Back to School Supplies Haul 2013-14 - Shopping at Walmart (Part 2 of 3)

1781 Folder Collection
Lily Chen published on November 15, 2015    Alvin He translated    Reina reviewed
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