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  • Braddock has the look of a man trying to hold back an avalanche.

  • Griffin cuts him with the left. Braddock is stepping in postholes.

  • Keep him in front of you!

  • Lure him in, Jim.

  • Jimmy’s finally moving his head.

  • Pick your spot.

  • Pop, pop - now!

  • Griffin is down!

  • Where the hell have you been, Jimmy Braddock?

  • One. Two. Three.

  • He’s up at three. The referee wipes his gloves.

  • That’s it! That’s it! No daylight!

  • Take it to him!

  • - Another big right by Braddock. - Finish him, Jim!

  • Knock him back to the goddamn Ozarks!

  • Griffin is ready to go!

  • Break it up.

  • Get back.

  • Get back to your corner.

  • Jimmy!

  • This fight is over! This is incredible!

  • Corn Griffin, the number two contender in the world

  • has just been knocked out by Jim Braddock in the third round.

  • - What an upset! - You son of a...!

  • It’s pandemonium here in the Garden.

  • Settle down, for Christ’s sake!

  • Jesus H. Christ.

  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  • Mary Magdalene, all the saints and mothers and... Jesus!

  • Did I say Jesus? Where the hell did that come from?

  • When my hand was broken, I had to work down the docks and I had to use my left.

  • - So... Well, no, that and luck. - Luck?

  • - Sheer, dumb-ass Irish luck. - Don’t give me that luck of the Irish crap.

  • Lucky? That’s something you ain’t been in a long time, brother.

  • - Everybody’s due. - Due or not, I’ll take it.

  • You had the left. The left - but you were bouncy.

  • You were bouncy. You went: pop, pop, bang!

  • Pop, pop, bang!

  • Unbelievable. Pop, pop, slide.

  • - Sliding, slipping. You were like a cat. - I did that on hash.

  • Imagine what I wouldve done to him if I’d had a couple of steaks.

  • Jimmy?

  • That was one hell of a goodbye.

Braddock has the look of a man trying to hold back an avalanche.

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Cinderella Man (2/8) Movie CLIP - One Hell of a Goodbye (2005) HD

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