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  • Although Osho was not a traditional guru, his understanding about initiation, or Diskha,

  • was very profound. In his own way, his way was to shock people into understanding. He

  • said that when you want to be initiated by a Guru, you should go there with total surrender

  • to the Guru. Otherwise, the initiation will never take place. Otherwise, you will keep

  • your ego intact and then the Guru will not be able to get into your consciousness. A

  • partial surrender, he says, is not going to help. You have to be completely completely

  • surrendered to the Guru. Then the Guru can enter into your consciousness.

  • The student has to really give themselves up to the Master. Then everything can happen.

  • And if you go there with demands upon the Guru or you go there trying to shop around

  • or trying to see the guru -- if this is really the right person or not, then nothing is going

  • to happen. It's not that you should not shop around; I personally suggest that you should

  • shop around. Otherwise there are so many people who are calling themselves ... avatars and

  • enlightened people, and who knows who is who. So, to some extent ,you should go and shop

  • around. But then once you are settled on a Guru, then all doubt should come to an end.

  • Then you should have complete surrender.

  • And when you surrender then everything happens. You don't even have to be even physically

  • present. The Guru can think about you from a remote place and then transfer all his power

  • to you.

  • For instance, there is the story about Adi Shankara: The guru gives his lessons to 4

  • disciples. Three are very intelligent and one is a very dumb guy. One day he was going

  • to teach a very difficult subject. So he found that the dumb devotee was missing, and so

  • he asked 'where is Krodeka?" "Oh, we don't know where he is..." That's how the three

  • disciples answered the master.

  • The Master knew what was going on in the minds of the disciples. They were thinking, "why

  • is he waiting...that dumb guy is not going to understand anything about this lesson."

  • But Shankara was insistent and said " we are not going to start the class until Krodeka

  • comes." He saw in his third eye what Krodeka was doing: Krodeka was washing the Master's

  • clothes in the river. So he blessed him. And that was an initiation. He completely transferred

  • his knowledge to Krodeka. After an hour, Krodeka came and then as he came to join the group,

  • he was glowing. There was a great light around him that was irresistible. Even these three

  • other disciples stood up and bowed down to Krodeka, because they saw the power and the

  • wisdom in Krodeka.

  • This is an example of true initiation. It is a very sacred relationship between the

  • Master and the disciple

Although Osho was not a traditional guru, his understanding about initiation, or Diskha,

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