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  • Was he handsome?

  • Oh, no! He was hideous.

  • Usually when my lovers leave, they cheat with even more attractive men.

  • (SlGHS)

  • l actually thought we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together.

  • Well, guess what, Cleve Jones.

  • What?

  • You're going to meet the most extraordinary men,

  • the sexiest, funniest, brightest men.

  • You're going to meet so many of them, fall in love with so many of them,

  • you won't know till the end of your life

  • which ones were your greatest lovers and which were your greatest friends.

  • ls that supposed to help?

  • Maybe a little. Or not.



  • l went to Spain last month.

  • Long story.

  • ln Barcelona, there was this memorial march

  • for gay people that had died under Franco.

  • Of course, the police tried to break it up.

  • But these queens didn't run. No.

  • They turned around and they started a fucking riot.

  • l saw a bullet, one of those big rubber bullets

  • rip through a drag queen's scalp, but she kept on fighting.

  • She was screaming, but she kept on fighting.

  • l mean...

  • Our lives.

  • There was blood literally running in the gutter.

  • ln a gutter.

  • We could have a revolution here.

  • But you can't use the Castro just to cruise.

  • You have to fight.

  • You really think you'll win?

  • (SlGHS) Winning is not my strong suit.

  • Well,

  • l don't do losing, ever.

  • Maybe l should run for office and you can work for me.

  • l mean, if you can do it...

  • Can you assemble a thousand people in an hour?

  • Fuck, yeah.

  • Well, if l run again, you're gonna be my man.

  • lf?

  • (SOFTLY) You're so adorable.

  • The polls are open in 3 hours.

  • How about you and l hit the bus stops?

  • Okay.

Was he handsome?

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Milk (4/10) Movie CLIP - Cleve Joins the Revolution (2008) HD

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