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  • Let's talk a bit about something that we mentioned earlier which is the high stakes in this event Tuesday night for Jeb bush.

  • You know we've probably said it three debates in a row now so I hesitate to say it again but it does seem inescapably true

  • that he's gotta do something now to separate himself from the pack and to show that Jeb Bush is a commodity

  • that didn't just look good six months ago that still good and valuable today.

  • Well, the biggest this for him. This is a donor debate that's what this is about for him.

  • And then, in our reporting, we talked to many Bush donors who said "look we may have to leave but we're not gonna go right now, this is his shot ."

  • So the financial lifeblood of his campaign is on the line Tuesday night.

  • yeah, exactly. And what you have to do to make good on it ?

  • He's got a tough needle and thread there he told us from the beginning, I think in an interview with you early on

  • that the nominee has to be win to lose the primary race to win the general election. Mission accomplished so far.

  • Him on immigration, he is out of step with the base on Common Core the national education standards.

  • he's out of step with the base and he said you're gonna know me, I'm gonna be distinguished by my unwillingness to change on those two positions

  • to meet the times and you gonna accept me as I am and I'm gonna run joyfully on by the full plate of issues including those were out of step with the base.

  • Marco Rubio has finessed immigration much more than Jeb bush, he stepped away from a comprehensive immigration bill,

  • but he hasn't renounced everything he believes in immigration, and somehow has softened his position.

  • This debate should play right into his wheelhouse, he is a policy wonk and he has studied this for his life, his lifetime. He is an ex governor he has a record.

  • He knows how things work in Washington, everything about all of those attributes should be to put a good use tonight or tomorrow on Tuesday night,

  • because the conversation should be about policy economics and taxes.

  • The other thing about Jeb bush that is surprising is in our last Wall Street Journal NBC News poll, we asked about the qualities of various candidates,

  • and we asked how do you rate this person on being effective in getting things done and Jeb Bush did not rate very highly on getting things done.

  • Donald Trump is perceived by Republican voters is far more effective in getting things done.And yet, Donald Trump through his businesses have gone into bankruptcy as we know.

  • Jeb bush, by contrast was a very successful governor of Florida, a very conservative governor and at the end of his term he came out being perceived

  • as the most as an example of successful conservative governance that somehow is not conveyed in this election is. It is available to him as something to say more forcefully.

  • which I think drives him crazy. But it is room to grow, if they don't understand that and it's been a long time since he was on a ballot.

  • so a lot of people don't remember his record so if he can remind them and educate them that's an opportunity.

Let's talk a bit about something that we mentioned earlier which is the high stakes in this event Tuesday night for Jeb bush.

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