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"10) In 2002 UK resident Michael Carroll won $15.2m in the lottery. His sudden rise to
massive wealth was covered by the UK press - who dubbed him the king of the hooligans
- however, it didn’t last.
Among other things, he used the cash to buy legions of cars and hold demolition derbies
in his back garden. He was also said to smoke $3000 of crack cocaine daily and saw up to
four different prostitutes every day as well. In 2010 he was spotted outside a job center
after running out of money and in 2013 he was reported to be working in a biscuit factory.
9) Before 2009 Americo Lopes worked for a construction company in New Jersey. He and
his co-workers had a syndicate in which they pooled money together to buy Mega Millions
lottery tickets. One day, Lopes found that one of the tickets had won $38.5m.
He decided not to tell his co-workers and quit his job straight away, lying about needing
“foot surgery”. He also claimed unemployment benefit too to add to the greed. However,
a news website published his story and his co-workers read about it. They sued him and
the court ordered him to share his money 5 ways.
8) Thomas Rossi had been married to his wife Denise for 26 years until 1997 when Denise
divorced him out of nowhere. What she failed to mention in any divorce papers - or to her
husband - was that she had just won the Lotto jackpot of $1.3m 11 days before.
When Thomas mistakenly received a letter addressed to her about the lottery winnings two years
later, he sued her for not disclosing the winnings. The judge and jury gave Thomas every
last cent of the haul, saying that “her failure to disclose was a fraud”. If Denise
hadn’t lied about it, she could’ve kept it all.
7) UK resident Ian Galtress played the lottery multiple times with his lucky numbers, and
one day he won $1.5m with them. It should’ve been the best day of his life but instead
it kicked off a long period of frustration - he could never claim his prize because he
had lost his ticket.
Galtress and his girlfriend searched far and wide for the winning ticket, but to no avail.
Because he couldn’t find it within 30 days, the money got donated to the National Lottery
“good cause” fund instead.
6) Jose Antonio Cua-Toc entered the Georgia lottery in 2010 and won $750,000. He was delighted,
but apprehensive to cash it in, as he was worried about his illegal immigrant status
being discovered. Somewhat naively, he asked his boss, Erick Cervantes, to cash it for
Cervantes claimed the ticket was his and kept all the money for himself, leading to Cua-Toc
hitting him with a lawsuit. After a lengthy court case, Cua-Toc won the money back, but
due to his citizenship status was then faced with deportation not long afterward.
5) Evelyn Adams could be considered one of the luckiest people alive. She had an amazing
stroke of good fortune when she won the New Jersey lottery TWICE in the space of 4 months
in the 1980s, accumulating a total of $5.4m. She should have been set for life…
... However, that’s not the way things turned out. She decided to celebrate this massive
injection into her bank account by going to Atlantic City and gradually gambling almost
all of it away. Years later it was reported that she has little to no money and lives
in a trailer park.
4) Oregon resident Christina Goodenow bought a lottery ticket that ended up being worth
$1m. Her method of payment was unfortunately what led to her downfall.
She had bought the ticket, as well as $12,000 worth of other purchases, using her deceased
mother-in-law’s credit card, and putting her very firmly on the wrong side of the law.
When the police found out, she was stripped of all the money and sentenced to probation.
The money ended up going straight to the police department of the city of Medford.
3) British couple Roger and Lara Griffiths won $2.8m in the lottery, but just 8 years
later Roger was left divorced, with just $10 in his bank account. What didn’t help was
the couples’ ridiculous investments.
Roger spent $39,000 releasing a single that sold just 600 copies, and Lara set up a $156,000
salon that they then resold, losing $109,000 in the process. One of the houses they refurbished
to sell on burned down in a house fire, while the others sold for nowhere near as much as
they thought they would, due to the recession.
2) When John Ross Jr. won $2m in California’s lottery, he said the first thing he was going
to do with the money was buy his own car. He stated “I’m 29 and I’ve never had
a car – there’s something wrong there”.
Just three months later, he had got hold of a car, but not quite in the way you would
expect. Ross Jr. was arrested for supposedly helping to steal a Honda Civic.
1) Two unnamed brothers won the Kansas lottery in 2013 and received $75,000. They celebrated
by, of course, having a weed and crystal meth-fueled party at their house.
During the festivities one of the brothers went to refuel the butane lighters for their
bongs in the kitchen, but got a little bit too close to the pilot light on the furnace.
The house immediately exploded and when firefighters and police got there, they could see the amount
of surprisingly undamaged narcotics present and arrested them both for possession. Bad
luck, chaps.
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Top 10 Stupidest Lottery Winners

965 Folder Collection
Peter Yang published on November 5, 2015
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