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An invention giving any car the ability to brake automatically has been developed in Brisbane
The world first technology is designed to stop children being injured or killed by reversing vehicles
Reversing just got safer
This Holden Captiva has been fitted with brakes that work automatically in reverse
Sensors detect an object and the car stops before impact
The technology can be installed onto any brake pedal
It could be a 1970's Commodore or the latest Rolls-Royce or Range Rover
This technology can be retrofitted to that vehicle
School Teacher, Chris Humphrey, says he had his car fitted
He says it's saved him from hitting a child
The mother was grabbing at her little daughter from behind my car
She was standing behind my car which I didn't see
RACQ statistics show that on average
3 children are killed each year in Queensland by reversing vehicles
One month ago, a toddler was seriously injured at Nambour
when he was hit in the family driveway
Reverse Alert Australia is now taking the product to Queensland schools
The Queensland government will consider making Reverse Alert technology mandatory
And the company says other states are interested, too
This is a relatively small but absolutely vital consideration
The Queensland engineer technology will soon be exported around the globe
Installation costs 1,500 dollars
Joel Philp, Seven News
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Reverse Alert on Seven News

5423 Folder Collection
Claire.Peng published on November 4, 2015    Claire.Peng translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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