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Hello and welcome to Reverse Alert
A world first aftermarket automatically braking system
Reverse Alert system is unique piece technology
And that can be fitted to any car, new or used
And most importantly, the installation of technology does not conflict with Australian design requirements
So it doesn't matter whether you have a brand new car or your car is five years old.
Anyone can have access to this world first safety device
What is Reverse Alert? How does it work?
Let's take a look at some of the key features of the Reverse Alert system
Reverse Alert is activated when the reverse gear was selected
This turns on the rear sensors and the reversing camera
When the system detects an object at 1.6 meters,
this sends a signal to the front of the vehicle
resulting the brakes of the vehicle being applied automatically
Park Mode
The system is also being designed to accommodate for everyday driving
In this mode, the driver can reverse the vehicle 40 centimeters to an object
before the brakes apply
Park mode is selected when reversing in tightly confined spaces, such as shopping center carparks
Override Mode
This mode is selected when the driver needs to disengage the braking system
For example, connecting to a caravan or a trailer
When connecting to a trailer, the driver may be able to use the park mode
So the vehicle stops 40 centimeters from the point of connection
For the remainder of the distance, the driver will have to disengage the braking system
by holding the override button
And when the vehicle is in the correct position
the button is released
The releasing of the button will again engage the Reverse Alert Braking System
Another example when the override mode may be used
is when reversing down steep driveways
Such reversing scenarios may result in the sensors to take in the presence of the road
And as such applying the brakes
So to ensure the brakes aren't engaged or to override the brakes,
the driver holds the override button
until the vehicle has passed over the piece of terrain
When the vehicle has passed over
the button is released
These are just some of the features of the Reverse Alert System
Thanks for watching and welcome to Reverse Alert, your complete reversing solution
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Reverse Alert System Overview

1829 Folder Collection
Claire.Peng published on November 4, 2015
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