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We're standing in Eatsa there. This is our first one in San Francisco.
We serve customizable freshly prepared quinoa bowls
And here we focus on really changing the game in terms of experience,
so that our customers can get their food,
at the super fast pace and also have a really really healthy and delicious bowl.
So our customers come in and they have nine iPad ordering stations
and you swipe your card to begin, and actually the ordering station knows who you are.
So we can possibly suggest things,
make it quicker for you to order.
Then you move over to the other side of the restaurant.
We have a large status fort that shows all the orders in progress.
You'll see your name up there,
and when your order is ready, it'll say "Tim Y." in my case.
It is personalized.
This is, you know, Tim's cabin.
And then behind there is my food, and I just tap twice, door opens.
I got a beautiful dish waiting for me for lunch.
We've done a lot with our operations in bringing technology into the fold,
so that we can hit a much much faster rate.
So effectively we're able to serve, double the amount of customer's utility than average of other place around here.
And so, you know, that helps us get to that lower price point.
There's been a lot of questions about whether robots will replace people's jobs.
Fundamentally, we believe strongly in combining advancements in technology with the viability of human employees.
We've got another unit under construction right now in Los Angeles.
And we're working on the expansion plans,
so I would look up you're probably gonna see Eatsa popping up everywhere.
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Futuristic Restaurant Eatsa Replaces Cashiers With iPads | CNBC

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Harvey Pan published on November 6, 2015    Harvey Pan translated    Pi-Chien Hu reviewed
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