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...something that is manifestly wrong. Are we supposed to accept that or just not say
it's silly?
No of course you're allowed to say it's silly and in fact...
When you say people are entitled to their views
Of course they are
I'm just saying.
That is... Once again Tony Jones, you have used this platform to make a snide remark
and aside
rather than actually addressing the fundamental issue.
I didn't even finish my sentence... you're assuming what I was about to say.
People are entitled to their views. Whether the national broadcaster gives a platform is entirely different issue.
No people are entitled to their views
but the point is we're entitled to find the
views ridiculous!
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Tim Wilson's Great Q&A Dummy Spit - 29.06.2015

324 Folder Collection
Huang Felix published on November 4, 2015
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