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Diego Wauters & his team: True veterans and innovators within the insurance and reinsurance sector Background: Why the financial and reinsurance markets converging: Reinsurance seeking cover for tail risks, financial markets want to diversify & get returns
Is the future going to characterized by less risk or more risk?. Reinsurance: A "catch-up" industry, but risks can be quantified. Is there an "ideal" insurance-linked securities strategy?.
Risk Management & Portfolio Construction. "The proof is in the pudding": How did ILS and the financial markets do in the catastrophe years 2005, 2008, 2011?.
Who are Coriolios' investors?. Attracted by lack of correlation, Libor+ returns, low volatility and liquidity. What makes Coriolis different from its competitors?.
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Coriolis Capital: Lack of correlation, Libor+ returns, low volatility and liquidity drive ILS funds

463 Folder Collection
Jung Chen published on October 30, 2015
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