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  • Advertising and search engine giant, Google recently revealed that it was looking into joining the wireless service market.

  • This small, but ambitious project follows their pattern of acquiring existing services like YouTube and Picasa, and dominating the market.

  • Google's ubiquitous, multi-service platform has raised questions about their influence, even beyond the scope of the Internet.

  • So, how powerful is Google?

  • Well, for a company with a $66 billion revenue in 2014, and more than 53,000 employees,

  • Google has the ability to fund and research a large number of diverse projects.

  • And while a number of its experiments fall flat, like Google Wave, and some don't turn a profit, like Google Glass,

  • they do help Google expand their reach.

  • Google's wide success in the smartphone wars with their operating system, Android,

  • is proof of their ability to take on existing markets.

  • They're even doing a better job than most governments at: following the global arms trade,

  • alerting users of local crises, tracking the spread of disease and fighting international censorship.

  • In response to China's blocking of certain political search results,

  • Google redirected Chinese users to the less censored Hong Kong site.

  • Enraged Chinese officials enacted a total ban on Google, but lifted it the next day.

  • Following revelations that the NSA was spying on the Internet traffic in 2013,

  • Google quickly called out the responsible agencies over social media, and began encrypting their searches.

  • Google's potential political impact cannot be overlooked.

  • In India, researchers found that an undecided voter's opinion could be swayed towards one candidate or another based on their ranking in Google’s search results.

  • Google maintains that they have never manipulated search rankings to influence users.

  • Google was the 5th biggest political lobbyist in 2013, and the third largest donor to the Obama campaign.

  • Google's revenue and employment is on the rise, and they've made significant inroads,

  • in energy, transportation, artificial intelligence and a whole array of tech services.

  • All this means that Google is an indispensable global player in politics, technology, and new media.

  • In fact, when Google servers went down for less than five minutes last year,

  • global traffic fell by 40%, showing just how powerful the Internet giant truly is.

  • Have you ever wondered why big internet companies censor explicit material like porn?

  • Well, there's a lot of reasons, and some might even surprise you.

  • Business Partners probably have a lot to do with it, but it just seems like too simple a solution,

  • so maybe it's not about companies, maybe it's about customers,

  • Apple needs everybody to buy their stuff, moms, kids, Mormons, Methodist, Satanist, Stalinist, soup lovers, everybody.

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Advertising and search engine giant, Google recently revealed that it was looking into joining the wireless service market.

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How Powerful Is Google?

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