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The stage is set.
The curtain rises.
We are ready to begin...
You promised to keep him safe.
You've promised.
Well Holmes, surely you must have some theory.
We all have a past, Watson.
Ghosts -- they're the shadows that define our every sunny day.
Every great cause has martyrs.
Every war has suicide missions,
and make no mistake: this is war.
Why are you doing this?
Tell me who you are!
What made you like this?
Oh Watson,
nothing made me.
I made me.
Who are you?
I demand you speak! Who are you?
The name is sherlock holmes and the address is 221b baker street.
Little use us standing here in the dark.
After all, this is the 19th century.
I have to finish this.
This one.
You're Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat.
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Sherlock Special: Official TV Trailer - BBC One

52119 Folder Collection
Diana T. published on November 1, 2015    Diana T. translated    Diana T. reviewed
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