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  • We wanted to rethink food.

  • And create something extraordinary.

  • Introducing, Fri.

  • Carefully preserving color and texture

  • permitted our most elegant model yet.

  • We combined multiple incarnations of oil

  • to create an all-permeating substance

  • we like to call Smart Grease.

  • Smart Grease allows the user to know exactly

  • where Fri is, or where it has ever been.

  • Fri, enhanced food for the modern world.

  • But that's not all.

  • Introducing, Nugget.

  • Nugget is what happens when machinery meets meat.

  • When you look at Nugget, you see not the contents inside.

  • You see the breading outside.

  • That was intentional.

  • Inside this advanced piece of food

  • we can examine the complexity that makes up this product.

  • To change the way we experience chicken

  • is to change chicken itself.

  • Oh, and, one more thing.

  • Mac.

  • We have refined, and refined, and...

  • Refined basic ingredients.

  • The sesame seeds on the bun are there

  • because we put them there.

  • The feel of the Mac is somewhere between firm and soft.

  • The people who are hungry enough to eat the Mac

  • are those who do.

We wanted to rethink food.

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