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We wanted to rethink food.
And create something extraordinary.
Introducing, Fri.
Carefully preserving color and texture
permitted our most elegant model yet.
We combined multiple incarnations of oil
to create an all-permeating substance
we like to call Smart Grease.
Smart Grease allows the user to know exactly
where Fri is, or where it has ever been.
Fri, enhanced food for the modern world.
But that's not all.
Introducing, Nugget.
Nugget is what happens when machinery meets meat.
When you look at Nugget, you see not the contents inside.
You see the breading outside.
That was intentional.
Inside this advanced piece of food
we can examine the complexity that makes up this product.
To change the way we experience chicken
is to change chicken itself.
Oh, and, one more thing.
We have refined, and refined, and...
Refined basic ingredients.
The sesame seeds on the bun are there
because we put them there.
The feel of the Mac is somewhere between firm and soft.
The people who are hungry enough to eat the Mac
are those who do.
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If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple

50084 Folder Collection
Christina Lin published on November 2, 2015    Christina Lin translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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