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When you hear the word "hacking," you generally think of bad people getting into your computer to steal your identity or do things like that.
That's Whitson Gordon. He is the deputy editor of Lifehacker.com.
Well, what the word hacking really means is finding a clever way to do something
and often that's a clever way to work around an established system.
You'd be surprised at how many established systems there are in your own life.
There is a system for how you get up in the morning and a system for how you check your email.
And a system you use for your calendar and on and on and on.
A lot of us are so entrenched in the systems that we are a part of in the way that we work day to day.
But we don't realize sometimes there is an easier way to do something.
And so yeah, hacking into someone's bank account, that's really bad.
But, hacking into your own life? That can be really good!
Because, the way that we do things generally sucks.
Life hacking can range from doing something to your wireless router to get better receptionto making your headphones stay better in your ear with a $2 pair of ear plugs.
It's just little things that make your day-to-day life easier and more efficient.
So how do I go about hacking systems in my own life?
The first thing I would do is go about your work as normal
and maybe take a little bit of time at the end of each day, just 10 minutes, to think about what you did that day.
You know, "This point in my day was really inefficient. How can I maybe do that better?"
Do that every day, you'll start to see where maybe the inefficiencies are in your work.
You know, maybe you spend way too much time trying to wade through emails
or you spend way too much time typing out certain things.
From there I just have to be really creative and think outside the box,
"Are there any tricks that you have at that point?"
You say to yourself, "God, I'm spending so much time typing out this tedious stuff all day long."
You go on to Google. You search for, "How to save yourself time in typing,"
and you'll find not just a lot of solutions from people, but a lot of actual programs for computers that people have written to deal with that specific problem.
What would be the purpose behind caring about Lifehacks?
You know, most of us are wasting, just wasting X percent of our time on tedious tasks
or wasting X percent of our money on things we could easily make ourselves and by dedicating part of your day to reorganizing your thoughts
and rehacking some of these little things that you do every day,
you can save a ton of time, you know, be more productive, have more time to spend on the things that are really more important.
Hi, I'm Jonathan. And my name is Kirsten. We work here at Epipheo. Watching that video
made me think, "What are the things I do every day that I could do more efficiently?" Well,
you could do crunches while you brush your teeth. Yeah, after you. I already do. Wait,
really? Yeah. Oh, okay. So, anyways, we would love to hear from you on your ideas on how
you can hack your way to a better life. So, leave us a comment below. And we want to thank
Lifehacker.com for partnering with us on this video series. We here at Epipheo love to make
videos that will improve your life, so make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don't
miss the next one.
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How To Become A Lifehacker

1107 Folder Collection
Steven Wu published on October 26, 2015    Damon translated    michelle reviewed
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