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On behalf of expertvillage.com my name is Hung. I am the coach for the Cheer Odyssey
Rockets Team, and I'm going to be going into a sequence of individual stunting. This is
going to be a basic prep. Bases on each side wave your hands for me. There is my two bases.
I have a front spot. I have a back spot in the very back. I have a flier the person that
is going up in the air. This is going to be a basic prep; you want your flier to be nice
and tight. Both feet are going to be in the bases hands. You want your bases to be nice
and strong fro this. You want your back spot to be normally be a little taller than everyone
else in the stunt V. Here we go 5,6,7,8,1,2,3 she is setting on 3,4 she is going to dip
in on 5,6 load in on 5,6 you are going to come up 7,8 dip and go up. Good. That is a
basic prep. Both hands have each leg. Blake is nice and tight in the air, squeezing her
arms through her side, looking straight ahead, not down or anywhere else. Both bases, eyes,
and everybody, eyes are going to be up looking at the flier the whole entire time. This goes
for every single stunt that you preform. I want you guys to turn to side, turn to the
side. Good once again the flier stays nice and tight all the way through. The front person
right there has both wrist of the bases who are going to help lift. Back spot is going
to hold grab the ankle and lift at the same time. Base are going to stay nice and sturdy.
Standing in a nice straddle position. Flier on top stays nice and tight once again still
looking forward. Okay guys here we go in cradle position. High V for me. Every time you dismount,
this is a basic dismount called a regular cradle. 5,6,7,8, 2 hop 3,,45,6,7,8 out 1.
If you notice the bases dipped nice and tight. Popping the flier, exploding through their
legs all the way through game of flier.
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Advanced Cheerleading; Tips & Techniques : How to Do an Individual Stunt in Cheerleading

664 Folder Collection
張瑜玶 published on October 22, 2015
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