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'It's an opportunity like no other.'
I don't like teacher's pets and I don't like bullies.
I like young people that have the potential to succeed in business.
'From all over the country, Britain's youngest aspiring entrepreneurs have come to London.'
Ow! Hold the door!
- 'Aged 16 and 17...' - It was bad management.
'..all have a burning passion for business.'
- Next! - High knees!
'They'll battle it out for a prize worth £25,000,
'the ultimate kick-start to a career in business.'
Where was the business sense here? It's been done before.
'But to succeed, they'll have to impress the boss.'
You've tried to be too clever and I'm afraid that it's backfired.
'In charge of a vast business empire,
'Lord Sugar started his career while still at school.
'Now, he's on the hunt for his next Young Apprentice.'
It's not a loss, is it? It's a complete annihilation.
It was my decision to make. I hope you enjoy when we lose.
'To win, they have to work as a team...'
- We just had some ideas. - It's done now. We've finished it.
Well, that's annoying.
'..but shine as individuals.'
Oh, my God!
'Because, in the end, there can only be one Young Apprentice.'
You're fired. You're fired.
With regret, you're fired.
All right, guys. Come down here.
'Previously, on Young Apprentice...'
Your task is to create a new kids' club
that is going to capture the imagination of the youngsters.
'Project manager Ashleigh stamped her authority.'
Me gut instinct is usually right. The recycling idea is better.
Our idea is much better.
'Maria and Steven began with a bang.'
SCREAMS That is really good.
'Kids' clubs took shape.'
Hello, kids!
That looks like so much fun!
'Ashleigh's Active Art Class made its mark.'
Come on, guys! Faster!
'Space was Odyssey's theme.'
Blast Off is a new and exciting kids' club...
'Navdeep's jet-propelled pitch led to boardroom victory.'
- They really liked it. - Very well done.
- 'Ashleigh pointed the finger.' - He just switches off.
- How did I switch...? - Can you let me speak?
'Andrew came under fire.'
Fourth time in the losing team. I don't know whether I've got your card marked.
'But for David...'
Because Lord Sugar knows my abilities...
What I know are your deficiencies.
- '..it was game over.' - You're fired.
'Now, seven remain in the battle to become
'Lord Sugar's young apprentice.'
- Hello? - 'This is Lord Sugar's office.
'He would like you to meet him at a central London hair salon.
- 'Your car will leave in 30 minutes.' - Brilliant. Thank you.
Guys, cars will be here in 30 minutes!
- We're meeting Lord Sugar at a hair salon. - A hair salon?
I use shampoo and I wear hair gel.
- Do you use anything? - A little bit.
Maria's Hair & Beauty - I think it's got a nice ring to it.
It's very important to look good.
'Central London.
'An up-market hair salon,
'but originally, one of the capital's oldest barber shops.'
- Good morning. - ALL: Good morning, Lord Sugar.
We're here in one of London's most prestigious hair salons.
As a nation, we're spending over £200 million a year
on hairstyling products.
It's a huge market, and your task this week is very simple.
You have got to make a television advert for a hairstyling product.
And then, pitch your brand and advertising campaign
to advertising professionals, who are going to feed their thoughts back to me.
The team that comes up with the best campaign will win.
Unfortunately, in the losing team,
one of you will be fired.
I'm going to mix the teams up a little bit.
Andrew and Lucy, you go over to Odyssey.
Patrick and Maria, come and join Platinum.
Now, Maria, you haven't been a project manager before.
You are now. You're going to be the project manager of Platinum.
And Andrew, you're going to be the project manager of Odyssey.
So, good luck, and I'll see you back in the boardroom in a couple of days. Off you go.
'Three days to create, brand and advertise a new product
'for the multi-million-pound UK hairstyling market.
'Then pitch it to top advertising executives.'
- This task sounds great. - I'm gutted. I wanted to be PM.
Andrew, project manager. Yeah. Interesting.
I'd prefer to work with them two than Maria. She irritates me.
I think it's better to work in a small team of creative people.
Sometimes, you get too many people's opinions and you don't need them.
'First stop...
'Havas, London.
'A top agency, famous for its hair product advertising campaigns.
'Critical to the launch of any hair care product -
'a catchy name and a target market.'
- ANDREW: - Which one are we going for? - Women's is saturated.
There's lots out there. Men's definitely.
- Men's definitely? All happy? - Yeah.
I were gonna say definitely women.
Yeah, all three of us will be able to focus more towards woman.
We're all interested in that sort of thing. I know we have a boy, but you like fashion!
I were thinking, sex sells.
- And I'm thinking... - I agree. - ..use sex.
What's a good name that stands out? Something that's not just...
- See? I'm thinking... - Diva.
- Diva can't be done. - I'm thinking the word Strexy.
I love that!
Strong hair for the sexy woman.
Strexy. Strong, independent, classy woman.
Boom, there, in your face. Deal with it.
- What themes were you thinking? - I quite like the idea of indie.
- Festival-goers, that sort of thing. - So, the key feature...? - Different.
- You've got to be different. - Yeah.
We need to make something memorable and unique in the market.
That can go terribly wrong or terribly right.
Names and slogans, what do you think?
What's that saying about something that changes its spots?
- Leopard. - That's going against what we're trying to sell.
We're trying to say that you CAN change.
Or, "Leopard - change your spots!"
- "Be different." - How about "different" full stop?
- Or "diff" full stop? - STEVEN: Diff! Original(!)
I'm not feeling this!
What about, "This is gel"? Really simple.
- I like it. - Is there an animal that wants to be...?
- That keep changing their colours. - Chameleon.
- Chameleon. - I like it. Chameleon. I like it.
Right, nice one. Off you pop.
'For Andrew's team, hair gel for men.'
See ya later. Be on the phone!
'Already on the road...'
- What about the name Tease? - Cheese? - Tease.
'..it's a female hairspray for Maria's team.'
What I want to stress here is colour.
Colour is what attracts people.
Maria, colourful and girlie is already very out there.
Get those questions out of market research. I want to know what the target market want, not what we want.
That's that sorted.
Everything would be pink if she had her way.
The thing that stands out to me on that shelf is that.
Pink's a definite no-no.
Blue, pink.
- No, no. - And red.
- Green's pretty bare. - That's pretty cool.
Neon sort of colouring. It stands out, like a neon green.
I like the neon. That stands out.
Looking forward to meeting the indie boy band, Lucy?
I am strictly professional! NAVDEEP LAUGHS
'Briefed to brush up on the alternative market,
'Lucy and Navdeep drop in for an audience with their focus group -
'a boy band.'
Hi, guys.
So, we're creating a new brand for hair gel.
We just want to throw a lot of ideas at you.
One that we're looking at is Break Free as the title.
I don't know how you can link that straight to hair.
Being free with hair suggests it's not styled.
Mr Alternative? Definitely not. No.
We weren't sure about that, either.
We had a few other names. Leopard. I think we had Chameleon as well.
- This idea of changing, adapting. - Ooh, Chameleon. That's really good.
- Really? - Chameleon's really good.
That could work quite nicely. The word "adapt" comes in.
I think Chameleon works.
Your reaction to it made me think that's a good name.
'Combing for clues to the women's market with an all-girl roller derby team - Ashleigh.'
What do you think to the name Strexy?
- What's it called again? - Strexy.
- Strexy? - Yeah. What if I said Strexy is "strong" and "sexy" together?
- Strong and sexy - Strexy. - What about Stroxy instead?
It's got "rock" in the middle and you can see the words it's come from easier.
- Hi. - Did you ask them about Strexy?
Yeah, and they said you could call it Stroxy and get "rocky", "sexy" and "strong" in there.
- But I still like Strexy. - I like Strexy, compared with that.
- We sort of came up with an idea for the ad. - Yes?
- You know the way you mentioned the boxing ring? - Yeah.
We were thinking one girl and she would be surrounded by guys.
They could say stereotypical lad lines like, "It's not me, it's you."
"Sorry, I forgot your number."
Then instead of punching them, she could whip them with her hair.
I think that's a brilliant idea.
'Keen to lock down a brand name...'
- Hi. - Hi.
'..Andrew calls Navdeep and Lucy.'
We spoke to the focus group and they really liked Chameleon.
They loved the name Chameleon, being able to adapt and change. Versatile.
It would appeal to other people as well.
- OK, I do like the Chameleon. I do like how it changes. - Yeah.
How about, we've got lots of people,
they're talking about how different their hairstyles are,
then they whack out their gel and it's our gel.
They're all using the same one? That's a really good idea.
Nice one. We'll book the models. See ya later, guys.
Whoo! I'm much more happy now.
'Preparing to give male models the once-over,
'Andrew and Steven.'
So, we're gonna bring them in.
We're gonna ask them to do a 360, so we get a full look at their hair.
It's gonna be awful.
Chuck it in, mess your hair up, so we can see the length.
Looks good. For that hair, nine out of ten.
For the hair. It's long. He's got a good set of hair.
- You're in love, aren't you? - I'm not in love!
- Would you say you're quite indie? - I'm not really indie. - OK, cool.
He had a ring in his ear. He's alternative!
- FRENCH ACCENT: - I work as an extra in movies.
- Is that how you normally wear your hair? - It depends.
- On what? - My style.
- Was he French? - I think he's Italian.
He's very, er...arrogant.
- But that's good. We need a bit of strut. - A bit of strut.
Just so we can see how long your hair is.
Have you got any tattoos or scars on the top half of your body?
- I don't know. See. - OK, that's all right.
LAUGHING: Fair enough, mate!
Cheers, thank you.
- Very keen. - OK, I didn't ask him to do that, before you say anything.
- He didn't have any scars. - No. - That's good, then.
That sounds right to me.
'At the agency, both teams brand their bottles.'
Can we have the black bits in a really dark purple colour?
I think pink will stand out more.
- Can we try it pink and see what that looks like? - This pink? - Yeah.
I think that kinda looks cool.
Do you think that pink is too...?
- You see, the pink's what I like. - Hm.
It's tacky, but I think that's what we're going for.
Strexy, it's not the most classy word, is it?
Strexy is a tacky brand and that's what we're gonna do.
If we're gonna be tacky, we're gonna go all out.
There's nothing wrong with a bit of tacky. It's a good way to go.
'Sketching the Strexy storyboard - Ashleigh.'
I was thinking, our brand's sort of tacky anyway,
so if we're gonna go tacky, there's no point in half doing it.
It's difficult, cos we don't want it to look tacky.
Sometimes, you have to be discreet to be obvious.
I think we need something edgy and fun, so we should go out there.
I'm know I'm being really annoying, but if we're gonna go out there, you go all out there.
I want people to be like, "Whoa! What is that?"
To be honest, I'd rather stay away from pink.
We'll see what it looks like.
It's really bad form to describe your own product as tacky.
"The tackier the better." "We're gonna really go tacky!"
I don't think people appreciate tacky. It's not high on their agenda of things to buy.
So, the name is Chameleon...
'Briefing their designer, Andrew and Steven.'
We've gone Chameleon cos it changes the colour of its body to whatever background.
It's just different.
Sorry, don't chameleons change its colour to match what it's in?
Yeah. If a chameleon was on this table, it'd turn white.
- Just blending in? - It's a good point. That's not what we want, is it?
Shall we ring the others?
Right, guys, quickly.
Chameleon adapts to the environment it's in,
so it doesn't stand out and it looks normal.
No, but... Oh, I see what you mean.
This is a horrible situation.
NAVDEEP: It adapts to its environment.
Alternative people stand out from their environment.
They contradict each other completely.
This is embarrassing. What other name did you guys like?
Hold Strong, we got from the focus group. Hold Strong.
I don't like Hold Strong.
Are there any animals that are bold and stand out?
- Bold and stand out? An elephant! - Lion.
- No! - Whale.
Whale? Oh, my God!
Guys, chuck some names out. Random ones.
- Can anyone think of anything? - STEVEN: What about Brian?
I don't like Brian.
- Brian? - The only friend you can count on.
I've just got to say that the focus group really liked Chameleon.
I don't like Chameleon. Do you?
I don't like it because of adapting to your background but if we can pitch it in a different way.
I think you can pitch it as in you're adapting it to your own style.
Nav, what are you thinking?
I don't like Chameleon. It doesn't make any sense.
When we're pitching it, it's going to be a major flaw.
You're just challenging every idea, but we're not getting anywhere.
Come on, guys. You've gone round in circles and it's getting late.
We'll go with Chameleon and we'll change the slogan so it works.
Oh, dear! >
Can we get a chameleon, cut it out and make a silhouette?
- Yeah. - That looks kinda cool.
'30 minutes to the print deadline.'
Can we have the STR in strong and the EXY in curly letters?
- You won't be able to read that when it's tiny. - You will.
You will not be able to read it. I've told you that.
- I'm not gonna say it again. - I'm happy with that.
- That looks cool. What do you think? - Yup.
For men - REAL men!
"In a world that's constantly changing, you need to stand out"?
This is a male market. Do they care about that jibber-jabber?
- What else do you suggest? - Not having it. Basically.
- A new description on the back. You've got two minutes. - OK. Yeah.
'Names branded, markets focused, colours fixed.'
- We just had some ideas. - We've just finished it.
- What does it look like? - Quite simple, a green background.
A bright green bottle? I am not sure how I feel about that.
I am super-disappointed. Really disappointed about that.
NAVDEEP: It's a bottle that will appeal to no-one.
- KNOCK ON DOOR - '8am'
Hello. Thank you very much.
'On time, packaged and printed, the teams' hair products.'
I hope you guys like it.
Right, I really like this.
It's not as bad as I thought. Is that meant to be a quiff?
That's a chameleon!
There is no other bottle on the shelf that is green.
There might be a reason for that!
Please be nice.
'For project manager Maria, a can of...
I think it looks cool, but cos there's pink in it...
I'm happy with it.
If you saw that on a shelf, your eyes would be drawn to it.
That's what retailers want, not something that looks really pretty.
It just has to look "Bam!" on the shelf.
It's a lower brand product, not a big out-there brand.
It's not like the big gold cans with the glamorous hairstyles.
It's more slightly tacky "but we just kinda want to do it".
I don't think we aimed for tacky.
Well, no... I'm not using "tacky" in a bad way. I'm using "tacky" in a good way.
"Tacky" is never a good way. You can't use the word "tacky".
I like it.
"In a world that is constantly changing, you need to stand out."
You're just focusing on that little line.
Do you understand how "you need to stand out" and then a chameleon,
which blends into its background, doesn't make sense.
Which is why we changed it to "gel that adapts to you".
But it does it in YOUR way. YOU stand out.
The gel adapts to you and YOU stand out.
I'm so confused!
How confusing is that concept? Three members of the team don't get it, how are we supposed to pitch it?
- But me and Steve get it. - Well, I don't think so.
- I did say I didn't want it there. - You didn't want the typing. - Yeah.
- But we had to come to a decision. - The gel needed a description on the back.
I'm not sure if they respect me as project manager.
The concept is slightly different,
but you can always change an advert and tweak a concept, and that's what they need to get their heads around.
It'll look as if they're looking down a mirror but they'll be looking down the lens...
'Today, the teams must shoot their advert and record the soundtrack.'
Me and Lucy are going to do the advert cos I'd like to be there.
I want to go to the advert cos I worked with Lucy all day on that.
- I think we have the same vision. - Then surely one person can do the job.
- Yeah? - All right. It's your call. Fine.
It is.
'London's East End.
'A boxing club -
'film set for Strexy.
'And it's gloves off for Maria and Ashleigh.'
I'm thinking of having this in shot. I want to have this here so it shows she beats them.
- No. - Why? - I really don't like that.
As soon as I saw it, I were like, "I hope to God she don't put that up."
- That's fair enough, but why don't you like it? - I think it looks tacky.
It's meant to be quite tasteful and it's gonna make it look tacky.
'It's going to be very difficult to work together.'
I'm not going to let her do what she did to the can.
I'm going to put my foot down and not stand for it.
- I'd rather use this and get our name on it. - I think that makes it...
- It's something a director would use. - We're selling a product.
- That sets the scene. - That's my suggestion. If you don't want to take it, that's fine.
It's not a bad suggestion. I just need to figure out how it's going to work.
So if you just explain to me calmly how it will work, we can use it.
'The story behind our advert is a girl who comes into a boxing ring.
'These guys are already fighting and they intimidate her.
'She uses our hairspray. It makes her strong and she beats them.'
It just shows you that with Strexy, you can do anything.
Could we do it from the side so we've got the side of her hair?
No, but I... She's talking to the camera.
Well, she can turn and look. I like it when she's got her hair.
- MAN: - OK, camera's running.
- Action. - Action.
Hi, guys. Nice to meet you.
'Chosen location for Andrew's team - a swimming pool.'
The concept at the moment is these three different guys
all dressed differently, all doing different things, then they use our gel.
- They titivate themselves? - They what? - Titivate themselves? - You... - With their hair?
I'm sorry, I don't... They do their hair.
'Getting slick with a tube of Chameleon - Lucy.'
OK, that's enough gel, yeah?
I'm not quite finished.
- More gel. It looks really greasy, doesn't it? - But it is a gel advert.
- Yeah. - They're gonna have gel in their hair.
Wow! That looks daft!
That looks very daft! Lucy, how do you get that spike down on his head?
- This? - Yeah. - Let me grab some...thing to do that with.
I don't think he needs any more gel!
- That is the look we're going for, Andrew. - OK.
Stand up.
- LAUGHING: - No, no! It's stupid hair!
I'm going to do this. I'm very tempted to get Sellotape.
Quickly! Quickly!
'At a Soho recording studio -
'the Chameleon soundtrack, voiced by Steven.'
Whenever you're ready.
Chameleon gel - gel that adapts to you.
Three guys, three styles,
one gel.
- OK? - Yeah, that was quite good.
- Really? - Yeah. - Hm.
- You've got to criticise me. - I need to hear more of it.
"One gel" should be like, "one gel". Like, "Oh, wow!" Get what I mean?
Three guys, three styles, one gel.
No? I'll go again!
- I always wondered how to be strong and sexy... - Wait. - Then I got Strexy.
You've just punched them.
'Still sparring - Maria and Ashleigh.'
- Back up over here. - No, no. Do it from there.
She can't have these two thinking, "What do we do?"
This is the connection shot. You're having her straight like this.
- She needs to go from somewhere, cos... - OK. You're project manager.
'Ashleigh sketched the storyboard so would like to direct the advert, but Maria's not having any of it.'
The actors are being given two sets of directions cos there appears to me to be two directors.
'It's confused. One of them should take the lead.'
Like two cats fighting over the milk.
- We just need to get it where it was. - You need to reposition the camera.
The way it was two minutes before we did that shot, you zoomed in.
- That's perfect. - To be honest, I'd rather have it as a top shot and try and get that roof out.
- Pardon? - It's meant to look like a professional advert.
I get what you're saying. It might be impossible to get the roof out.
'With most of the Chameleon commercial in the can,
'a last-minute idea from Andrew.'
You walk out looking cool, but then you've got some toilet paper stuck to your shoe so you don't look cool.
So I'm just being that.
Andrew's introduced a little comedy twist
at the end of our 30-second commercial.
As one of our swimmers leaves, fully gelled,
he's trailing, tucked into his shoe, a piece of lavatory paper.
Go on. Let's try that. If not, we'll just have to get some tape.
Do you want to gently walk around there so that doesn't come off?
- Nice one. - Can you look like you're walking with a swagger?
As if you think you're really cool, but you've got paper on your shoe, so the joke's really on you.
- Andrew, show him a swagger. - I think he does that anyway.
OK. Cool.
OK, action.
- Perfect, Ben. - Perfect. - Nice one, Ben. Really good.
Strexy - allowing women's hair to be strong AND sexy.
'Finding a voice for Maria's team - Patrick.'
I think I'll probably try one that's a bit more enthusiastic.
PHONE RINGS Must be Patrick.
- Hiya. - Hi.
If I say it now, you can tell me what you think.
Yeah. Say it now.
Strexy - allowing women's hair to be strong and sexy.
Very good, but ask the man can you edit your voice and sort of make it sort of cool.
Make it sound more manly, cos my voice isn't?
DEEPER: 'Strexy - allowing women's hair to be strong AND sexy.'
- No! - Do you not think so?
< A little bit too much, right? Yeah.
'Time to check the final cuts.'
The thing is, I'm quite worried how the advert is actually going to end up looking.
If it's just normal, there's no way that we're going to win.
We cut there. We don't need the bit of him squeezing the gel.
BOTH: That's better.
I like the repetitiveness of this.
- ALL: Hiya! - Your voiceover was amazing!
Brilliant! You toned down the accent!
We're very nervous. You look incredibly nervous.
- Give us your honest opinion. - MUSIC STARTS
'Chameleon gel, let's YOU stand out through you being you.
'Three guys, three styles, one gel.'
- # Express yourself # - 'Chameleon, gel that adapts to you.
'But doesn't change who you are.' NAVDEEP LAUGHS
You think that's funny? That is so good!
- I really like it. - Oh, God! I'm so happy!
Oh, thank God!
- Yes! - Well done!
- That was the most intense... - I feel a group hug!
..the most intense 30 seconds!
Now the sub-team love it, I'm very confident.
The video really solidifies the concept.
It really makes the product look good and it's funny.
Come on, Steve. It's important to use the product.
- 'The day of the pitch.' - This gel's adapting to me.
I'm going to stick out the crowd because I'm being me, being myself!
I'm not following no trends! That is one good product!
That is a good product! I recommend everyone to buy Chameleon.
Strexy! Making your hair strong...AND sexy.
- Ash, you're loving that Strexy. - Mm. Are you nervous? - Really nervous.
If they don't like it, Lord Sugar won't pick it.
'Brands packaged. Commercials ready to roll.
'Agency executives seated.
'First up, Strexy,
'pitched by project manager Maria.'
Today, I'm going to introduce you to the biggest craze in women's hairspray - Strexy.
Strong and sexy hairspray.
The design of our bottle is in keeping with the Strexy theme.
We feel it's strong because of the leopard print,
and sexy because of the fun concept of the brand.
We're not foolish. We know this is a really busy, cluttered market.
We really do think this is a good product. Cue the ad, please.
MUSIC: "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith
I always wanted hair that was strong and sexy.
And then I found Strexy.
Does anybody have any questions?
Can you talk about the aggressive nature of your communication?
- Is that not girl power, 1980s, 1990s? - That's certainly not what we're trying to achieve.
We're not all women - scrap the men.
This product is more about the fact that we want women to feel confident and strong in themselves.
I think the way you're saying the 1980s... Girl power started in the 1980s, but it's flourishing now.
We've caught it at the peak and we're going to run with it.
Right, come on.
'Next, Chameleon.'
Good afternoon. LAUGHS NERVOUSLY
My name's Navdeep.
We're here today to pitch you our brand new gel called Chameleon,
a gel that adapts to you.
The bottle is green and that colour alone stands out.
The logo also goes with many different colours.
The bottle could be red, yellow and it could be blue.
Um... So, yeah, I've explained about the colours and the logo.
We do think that that is a big strength in this product.
The name Chameleon, we chose it because it's about adaptation.
So our gel is the chameleon in this case.
It adapts to the person. We're going to cue the advert now.
MUSIC: "Express Yourself"
'Chameleon gel, lets YOU stand out, through you being you.
'Three guys, three styles, one gel.
- # Express yourself # - 'Chameleon, gel that adapts to you.
'But doesn't change who you are.'
You've shown three guys all just doing their hair.
What was it about the commercial that you think would make it original and different?
The little joke at the end gives a bit of a ring to the advert.
We're being honest and that little joke really reflects that.
I really like that you've used Express Yourself, it's very inciteful to the target market.
What I'm concerned about is that you show expressing yourself doesn't pay off.
He's made himself look good, but he's got toilet paper on his foot.
I really think that the joke represents the product.
We're not saying that girls are going to run after you.
This gel is gonna let you be an individual,
but we can't do anything about having toilet paper on your foot.
Thank you for taking time to listen to our presentation. We are team Odyssey.
'Time for the agency to split hairs with the boss.'
If you had to judge which was the best campaign, which one would you say?
- That's a really good question. - I know it's a good question!
The good answer is it's a good question.
MARIA: I hope that I proved to my teammates that I can be a good project manager.
Most importantly, I hope I've proved it to Lord Sugar. It's do or die.
I HAVE to win this task.
There's been friction from team members but I have got the job done.
Losing this task would be devastating.
I've lost four tasks and only won one. I desperately want to win.
You can go through to the boardroom now. >
- Good morning. - ALL: Good morning, Lord Sugar.
Well, an interesting task, an advertising task all about hair products,
where I told you over £200 million a year is spent in the UK.
Half of that is spent by Jedwood!
I think I'll start with team Platinum.
Maria, I made you project manager because you haven't been one before.
- No, that's correct. - Was she a good team leader?
Maria were quite indecisive. We did clash, but we both handled it quite maturely.
I appreciated the clashes because I'm not one who thinks my opinion's right every time.
- Really? - Well, I'm learning.
- Tell me what you did. - Basically, we went for the female market.
We came up with the concept of Strexy. That was Ashleigh's idea.
- Strexy? - A mix of "strong" and "sexy".
That makes me Strumpy, does it? Strong and grumpy?
LAUGHING: But we just thought it would stand out.
Is this supposed to be some kind of leopard print? Can I make a point?
Is it deliberately tacky?
I'm not a fan of the pink. Originally, we said we were aiming for strong, sexy and classy.
But it's hairspray. It's not the most classy product!
The point is, I don't know.
Maybe that's the new trend amongst you youngsters that this is kind of pretty cool.
- What I want to establish is, did you deliberately make it...? - I did make it a bit tacky.
- Maria did, but I were really disappointed. - You've got the design.
- Who made the television advert? - That was myself and Ashleigh.
- What did you do? - I did the soundtrack.
Well, we'd better take a look at this thing.
MUSIC: "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith
I always wanted hair that was strong AND sexy.
Then I found Strexy.
'Strexy - allowing women's hair to be strong AND sexy.'
I love the voice!
That boxer on the right went down like Didier Drogba on ice!
Y-yeah. Interesting.
- All right, Odyssey. Andrew, I made you the PM. - Yes, Lord Sugar.
- And you went for the men's gel market. - That's right.
- How did your team gel, then? - Sorry?
- How did your team gel? - Er... Good, good.
- Good project manager? - There was a lot of confusion.
- Tell me what happened, then. - We started to get a concept together, a brand.
Lucy came up with the name Chameleon.
- Our concept was men to stand out by being who they are... - One minute.
- In that sentence alone, you've contradicted yourself. - Yeah.
You want to stand out but you chose an animal that spends its life
- hiding away and camouflaging himself. - Yeah. - I don't get it.
It was about standing out, then we found the problem...
- But a chameleon doesn't stand out. - We decided it would refer more to the gel than the person.
- So you flipped it halfway? - Yeah.
You thought, "Chameleon, that's good.
"People like the name." Then you realised, "No, that is no good.
"Because it means it hides itself away.
"What we'll do now is we'll say that the gel itself adapts,
- "in same way as a chameleon." - Yeah. It was a hard decision.
- We were running out of time... - You looked for a line that would fit.
- Yeah. - If you really rammed it in.
But it has got me asking, "What are they doing this for?"
- Like some of these other stupid adverts. - And the chameleon was great to brand.
I'm just coming round to thinking that it might not be a bad idea.
Shall we have a look at this advert?
MUSIC: "Express Yourself"
'Chameleon gel, let's YOU stand out, through you being you.
'Three guys, three styles, one gel.'
- # Express yourself # - 'Chameleon, gel that adapts to you.
'But doesn't change who you are.'
Hm. I'm taking it that the last bit,
with the bit of toilet tissue attached to the bloke's foot,
was a bit of subtlety that I'm supposed to understand.
- It was a bit of a joke. - I'm getting good, ain't I, understanding these things?
It comes to making a decision, really,
on which of these adverts is the winner.
Of course, I consulted with the advertising agency.
Yeah? And I don't think we were far apart in our thinking.
Andrew, your advert was confusing.
You tried to be too clever and I'm afraid that we all concluded that it's backfired.
Maria, yours does what it says on the tin, really.
And you shoved that tin right in the face of the viewer.
And so, for that reason, you've won.
So, you've been thinking about style all week.
Now you're off to meet one of Britain's coolest men in music.
You're meeting with someone called Labrinth.
You're going to his studio and you three are going to record one of his tracks.
OK? So off you go. Have a good time.
- Start warming up. - Thank you, Lord Sugar.
Chameleon, I looked at that advert and tried to put young eyes in me,
and I thought, "I don't want to buy that. That's not attracting me."
And that is the big error. So, look, go off. Have a chat.
Come back in and we'll have a further chat on this.
And I'll decide, regretfully, that one of you will have to be leaving the process. OK?
Thank you, Lord Sugar.
- Hello, guys. How you doing? - Hey!
- How are you? - Nice to meet you, darling.
I'm so happy that I won as my first time as PM.
It would have been my third time in the boardroom, so hallelujah that didn't happen.
THEY SING WITH LABRINTH # Let the sun shine
# Let the sun shine, baby
# Let it all go Let it all go, baby
# Let the sun shine Let the sun shine, baby
# Cos the sun shines once again. #
Well done, guys.
STEVEN: You wanted to go to the advert to put your take on it.
- I did put my take on it. - It was the wrong take. - I don't think it was.
You're not acknowledging that it wasn't good enough.
'Andrew's responsible for the failure of this task.'
He doesn't know how to lead
and he's very, very bad at taking criticism.
Where did that advert concept come from? Your two storyboards.
- You did change our idea quite a lot. - Yeah, cos it was three men doing hair in the mirror.
'I'm not sure who he'll bring back in the boardroom.'
I'm definitely going to fight for my position.
Apparently, our pitch didn't go well.
I don't think I knew enough about the concept.
'Nav is a one-trick pony.'
I didn't see anything else which Nav did,
but she's great at finding what went wrong but not trying to solve it.
- Can you send the candidates in, please? - Yes, Lord Sugar.
You can go through to the boardroom now.
Simple principle of advertising is to keep the story simple.
The chameleon don't make any sense to me.
The concept was for people who want to stand out, to be different.
Stand out by blending in?
I think that the name Chameleon and saying that it's going to stand out
IS a mistake, but that's what the girls brought back from market research.
- But you agreed with it, didn't you? - Yes, I did.
Lucy or Steven came up with it?
- He came up with the idea of an animal. - That animal stands out, it's changing colour, it's different.
If you wanted an animal that stands out you have a peacock.
- Exactly. - Chameleons famously blend into the background.
Like some candidates that have been in this boardroom.
Navdeep, you've been blending into the background?
When Andrew phoned back with Chameleon, I think I was the most adamant to say no.
Andrew thought I was being negative.
It did feel like Nav was playing out a strategy. She wasn't getting the team to win.
She thought it was clever by disagreeing, then in the boardroom she can say, "I disagreed."
You're thinking way too much into it. We were having a discussion.
Apart from the pitch, Nav, what do you think you're proud of?
I said again and again, "I want to do the advert."
You'd have done that storyboard which was simple, bland and boring, guys doing their hair in the mirror.
I took Lucy, who had the idea, and me so I could add my spin on it.
Navdeep, you've got a name in these last six weeks, "Navdeep's good for pitching."
- Is that all you're good for? - Just cos I'm good at pitching doesn't mean I'm a one-trick pony.
You weren't THAT good this time.
In the cafe, Nav said she didn't do a good enough pitch because she didn't understand the concept.
I was saying, when I finished the pitch, I didn't feel completely...
- When you finish a pitch, you know how it went... - You didn't say that. - How about you let me talk?
- You're going to talk yourself out of it and you did say that. - I admitted to saying that.
It wasn't the most amazing pitch and it might be because I wasn't completely confident in the idea.
In all my years in business... I'll give you one little tip.
You can come up with an idea that you think is the right way to go.
You can get two or three miles or ten miles down the road.
If it's no good, it doesn't matter if you've got ten minutes left, change the idea.
Doesn't matter how much time you've got left, change it.
I knew we had to come up with another name. I called the girls.
Lucy said, "We've got a good logo and a storyboard."
And didn't come up with much else.
- We didn't have anything else, that's the problem. - I understand. We ran out of time.
My call on this is, if that was too late, dead and buried and done,
you still could have salvaged it with the advert.
This advert, to me, looked like a government warning -
beware of thieves stealing hair gel in dressing rooms.
Plonk it down. Someone comes along, takes it.
Plonk it down. Someone comes along and takes it. Plonk it down. I don't get it.
What was all that about?
I actually stressed on the day that I didn't want that.
I put the idea of these guys noticing this hair gel and sneaking a bit of a blob because I...
- Pinching someone else's hair gel? - Yeah. Being a bit cheeky.
If it was that cheeky idea that you were thinking,
it didn't come across in the blokes' faces.
A fella pinching it would have a wary look.
"I've just found some gold. Now I'm going to use it."
It was just pick it up, plonk it on, that was the end of that.
Definitely, the first guy had a sneaky look on his face. I'm not sure about the rest.
Then you got the other fatal error. No girls in the advert.
You're selling blokes' hair gel, who are all having handsome attacks.
One of the men you make to look like a plonker.
That was my idea.
"Do you want to be an idiot also? Go and wear this!"
It's not the message you want to put out.
We all really liked the advert. It was the only time Nav said, "Well done."
Even Steven and Nav came up to me and said, "I'm glad you didn't put the girl in."
- Well, it was a mistake. - It was.
So, who do you think's responsible for the failure of this task, Lucy?
I think that the failure of this task lies with Andrew.
If we'd had a clearer image, even after Chameleon had been done and dusted,
the advert would have had more ring to it, it would have made it clear.
- Steven? - I think it was down to Andrew as well. Just because of the confusion of the concept.
- Navdeep? - I agree with the other two. The failure is down to Andrew.
I don't think he was clear enough in the concept.
- We were all very confused, I think. - Hm.
Andrew, who are you bringing back into this boardroom?
I'm going to bring back Navdeep and Steven.
Why are you bringing me back?
- We'll find out in a minute. - I thought it was the advert that was a bad point.
I could not put my finger on what you did well in this task.
- I'm sorry. - Shall we find out later? - No problem.
Lucy, I'll see you on the next task. Off you go.
You three step outside and we'll have a further discussion.
Thank you, Lord Sugar.
When Steven thought of Chameleon, I think he thought the opposite, that it stood out.
In a funny way, he does come up with some ideas. This is the point.
Navdeep sounds like she gave Andrew quite a hard time in this task.
Then again, Andrew has been blamed by everybody. Was he too autocratic?
- PHONE RINGS - Can you send them in, please?
- So, Steven. - Yes, Lord Sugar.
You were surprised when Andrew said he's bringing you back.
Everything Andrew told me to do I did.
- I did the soundtrack, which I surprised myself with. - I heard your voice.
- Thank you. Everyone said... - Ha! - ..it was pretty good.
- They said it fitted quite well. - Sounds like a geezer talking!
Which is not bad, if the advert is any good.
Everything we do, I'll always put an idea forward.
Andrew said he can't think of anything I did amazingly well. I can say the same for him.
- Andrew? - Looking at the bottle, I'm thinking, I championed that.
I practically put most of that together.
If anything, Steve moved the slogan to the top.
- Well... - Looking at the advert, I directed that. I edited that.
The advert was awful, and also, with the bottle...
Shall we work on this basis, Steven? Let him say what he's got to say.
- No problem. - You can address it afterwards.
In the making of the bottle, he was saying, "I don't like this. I don't like that."
But he wasn't giving any positive input.
He wasn't saying, "How about this?"
In that design studio, he was a bit of a yes-man, whispering from the background.
That's some sort of tactic you're playing. I totally disagree.
- As opposed to the tactic of blaming the PM? - The PM didn't do a good job.
Three members of a team say the PM didn't do a good job. Something's wrong.
Going back to your product design, if I don't like something, I'm not going to say, "That's good."
- I'm going to say, "I don't like it." - Me as PM, I didn't hear him challenging and speaking up.
- So, your assessment of Steven. - I didn't think he was anything special.
- He wasn't coming up with lots of ideas. - I don't know who you are to say I'm nothing special.
I'm not here to be YOUR special person.
I'm here to show Lord Sugar what I can do.
Nav, do you agree that I had no input?
No. I worked well with Steven. We bounced our ideas well.
I gave ideas to everything I found fault in.
It was more just nod along with Nav and Lucy. That's what I think.
- What's Navdeep doing here? - Navdeep claimed she didn't understand the concept.
She claimed she's an amazing pitcher.
She forgot the basic principle that if you're pitching, you need to be enthusiastic about the product.
When she got in there, it was dull. Now she's claiming...
- You said, "You did very well." - I said, "You did good."
No, you said, "You did very well."
I'm not going to say, "That was rubbish, Nav..."
You thought you'd wait till the boardroom then say it?
- I said that she did good. - You said she did very well.
- You said, "Congratulations. That was very good." - "Congratulations. You were good."
You were like, "You're being negative."
We were trying to criticise it. We know that's going to happen in the pitch.
So we were trying to make something completely waterproof.
Don't look at it as criticism. Look at it as something we can make something from.
- Thank you for the tip, Steven(!) - I'm not saying you didn't ask if we understood the concept.
We said, "Yes, Andrew. We get it."
Day two, I saw the bottle and the back contradicted our point.
I said, "Andrew, again, I'm confused about the design."
It says you're going to stand out for being who you are.
Andrew, you understood it. Your teammates didn't.
- But you didn't say that, did you? - Andrew, every single day!
- Navdeep. - Yeah. - The observation I've had over the weeks so far,
is that there's no question of a doubt that you, academically, seem to shine through in certain things,
but you're kind of lacking in ideas, lacking in business nous.
- How would you address that? - In every task, I've put myself forward and I've done stuff.
This is the second time I've lost. I don't think that's a coincidence.
I do think there is business in me.
I may not have shown it before I came here, but in every task, I have done stuff.
Hm. And Andrew, five-times loser. That's a fact.
- Tell me, why should I leave you in this process? - I have been...
You've got two people, I'm not going to ask who they think is responsible because they think it's you.
I have been in the losing team five times.
This is the second time in the bottom three, with Steven and Nav.
I think my teammates are noticing that I put myself out there, I work hard, I can handle the pressure.
I can create, I can sell. I've demonstrated all these skills to you.
Yeah. But then again, so has Navdeep.
And actually, Steven, I think you've done tremendously well in this process.
- You've got a bit of streetwise. - Yeah. I think so.
If you had to choose, Andrew, out of these two, which one do you think should be fired?
I think Navdeep should be fired. She claims she's this all-rounder and from what I've seen, she's not.
You two have already expressed your opinion about who should be fired.
- Yes. - You're the same opinion, yeah? - Yeah.
Well, look, this is very tough.
Very tough indeed.
Steven, I do like your spirit.
- Thank you. - I like your openness and honesty.
- Today, I'm going to let you go back to the house. - Thank you, Lord Sugar.
- You won't regret it. - Just keep your mouth shut now, OK?
Navdeep, my concern and my instinctive feeling is that yes, you are highly intelligent,
but I still have these feelings
about whether you have got this business nous about you.
But having said that, Andrew, you know, five-times loser.
Five-times loser. If I had to put this information into a computer
and it was done on statistics, not gut-feeling,
- you know what the answer would be. - Yes, Lord Sugar.
Although I'm not a computer, I have to say it's very difficult for me
not to actually act upon that.
And so, you know, it is...
it's regretful...
It is with sincere regret that I'm going to say that
..you're fired.
- I wish you the best of luck. - Thank you very much, Lord Sugar.
We've got two weeks to go now. We're into the running for this £25,000.
- Go back to the house, the pair of you. - BOTH: Thank you, Lord Sugar.
Three great kids, really.
Navdeep, I feel like I've released her.
I see her as a great advocate. I think she should pursue the law.
Reminds me of my old headmaster when I was in school.
I was telling him that I was going to be this scientist.
He kept nodding his head, saying, "Nah. Not you." He knew what he was talking about.
I'm feeling like him.
To get six weeks into it shows that I've done something amazing.
I'm really proud of myself. I thought I was an amateur.
I've managed to beat a lot of other people, so I do think the future's going to be incredibly good for me.
MARIA: I'm going to be gutted if Nav goes. I love Nav.
LUCY: I'm going to be gutted if any of them go.
There's not one of them I want to see go.
Come here, Steven!
He said to me that I was going home, so it was Andrew and Nav.
Right before that, he said, "Andrew, regretfully...
- "you've lost five tasks." - LAUGHTER
- Have you lost five tasks? - Yeah. Fifth task now. - Oh, dear!
'Now, six candidates remain
'in the fight to become Lord Sugar's Young Apprentice.
'Next time...'
Your task is all about selling at a festival.
I'm expecting loads of hippies.
'But there's no peace...'
Why would you queue for a smelly Portaloo when you can have this?
- Anyone? - '..or love.'
She's being a bull in a china shop.
'Then, two face the music.'
So it is, with regret, you're fired.
You're fired.
Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
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Young Apprentice - Season 3 - Episode 6: Hair Product

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Jason Tsao published on October 22, 2015
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