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  • Can l helpyou? You're the dance teacher, right?

  • l'm Otis's brother. You're the one his little man's been hanging out with, right?

  • You mean Benny? Yeah, Benny.

  • We ain't seen Benny around in a while and we miss him.

  • [ Chuckles ] Check this out. He's part ofmy crew.

  • And when you're in my crew, you don't mess with other shit.

  • Soyou tell him l'm looking for him. l'm not gonna do that.

  • What?

  • Why not?

  • - l asked you a question! - Yo, Honey. Hey.

  • B.B., what's poppin'? Am l interrupting?

  • [ Chuckles ] How are things in that cute little barbershop ofyours, B.?

  • You making ends meet?

  • Getting this paper. ''Getting this paper.''

  • Check this out. When you're tired of nickel-and-diming,just give me a holler.

  • l'm gonna hookyou up.

  • Well, you ever get tired ofwearin' those bum-ass do-rags, you give me a holler. l'll hookyou up.

  • l wanna see that kid.

  • [ Scoffs ]

  • You okay? Yeah, l'm cool.

  • What was that all about? How did you get on B.B# s bad side?

  • l made the wrong friend, l guess.

  • Well, you know, you should stay away from him.

  • He's dangerous. Seriously.

  • Yeah. Thinking ofpicking up some pepper spray tomorrow or something.

  • Did l say thankyou? [ Chuckles ]

  • You sureyou don't want me to walkyou upstairs and make sureyou're safe?

  • No. l can handle myself.

  • [ Chuckles ] Thanks again.

  • Uh--

  • Bye.

Can l helpyou? You're the dance teacher, right?

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