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  • Rodney, Honey.

  • - Honey, from theJadakiss video, right? - Yeah.

  • l caught that. You was doin' your thing in there. You was real hot.

  • - Thanks. - l hear Mikey's gonna makeyou super colossal.

  • l thought l was making him Iookgood, but,you know.

  • You hear that Mikey? You got to watch her. Better get them contracts tight.

  • - Soyou gonna be in the next one, right? - Oh, for sure, for sure.

  • 'Cause the next one gotta be crazy.

  • No doubt, no doubt. That's why l gotyou a new choreographer for this one.

  • - For real? Who? - This girl right here.

  • For real? l mean, you everdone the wholejoint before?

  • No, but it's all right. We got two more to do beforeyours.

  • So she'll be a pro by the time we get toyou, you know.

  • Right? Right.

  • Cool. Well, you know, Mikey knows best, you know what l'm saying?

  • - Okay, sure. - l don't know what to say.

  • Thankyou, Mikey. You're the best.

  • Thankyou, Michael. You're the best.

  • - You better get them contracts tight now. - [All Laughing ]

  • Thankyou. [ Giggles ]

Rodney, Honey.

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