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Top 9 iOS 9 Features! Hey guys what's going on it's Phil here from TechSmartt and today
we're going to be looking at the Top 9 Features in iOS 9. So lets go ahead and jump right
into it. We're gonna open up Apple Maps because they added a lot of new information regarding
transit. So as you can see here I'm going to go ahead and pull up Penn Station in New
York City. Once we're in here, we can actually view train schedules. So we have New Jersey
Transit and you can see we have a ton of different out bound trains. They also updated the walking
information on Apple Maps so it's a little more accurate and you can just see here if
you're in a city, it's definitely going to be a much more improved application and you
won't have to head over to Google Maps like most of us
in the past. iOS 9 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks! iOS 9 beta 1 for the iPhone 6
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Top 9 iOS 9 Features!

499 Folder Collection
winston064 published on October 17, 2015
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