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Are you good?
Ok, 1, 2, 3, cheers!
Hey guys! I'm with Kristina in Japan right now
and we're going to like a... is it a light show?
It's a light up
light up show.
So, it's kinda like, everybody drinks by the river
and has fun and parties
There's also a fire blower guy
Hopefully he's there
Yeah, hopefully he'll be there and—
I think it's the last day, right?
It's the last day so we're gonna go check it out.
And by the way, we're in Kyoto right now!
Yes! My favorite place in Japan!
Isn't she cute? Look at her outfit, oh my god!
I look like hell!
Wish I had a longer arm.
Wow! This is like total Kyoto. It's so pretty at night.
Shady and pretty at the same time.
Something... door?
It wouldn't let us in.
It's the triforce, guys! Oh my gosh!
Who eats that much?
You just get a bunch of friends...
And they have tons of parfaits!
Who has that many friends?!
White and gold or black and blue? You tell me.
Oh, this way!
So we're walking down the street and Tyler's behind us. That is not some random person.
So, everybody makes a wish and puts it on a tree in hopes that it comes true.
It looks like heaven down the street.
It's really pretty!
I thought you said Kevin.
It looks like heaven, not Kevin!
Who's Kevin?
But yeah, it's really pretty and there's lots of restaurants you can go to, and...
It's just a really nice place to hang out!
So, if you guys wanna come,
come around this time during Obon in August.
So pretty!
Make a wish and place it on the Tanabata Tree!
I don't know why but this place reminds me of Spirited Away.
I think of that every time I go to like a shrine!
I don't know why but it reminds me of the bath house.
Oh, wow, there's like little fishies in there!
Really? Oh, you're right!
It looks like it's a star, flower, sorta thing?
All the way down here, are the wishes of people!
That's so nice!
So, we're walking down the street and Tyler's behind us. That is not some random person.
He just likes to be behind
I'm not putting that in my video!
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Kyoto's Tanabata Light Up ~

14560 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on August 25, 2017    林恩立 translated    Samuel reviewed
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