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♪ (rock music) ♪
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
- (Adam) Previously on The Last of Us...
- (Joel) My brother, actually. He was a Firefly.
We find him. We find the Fireflies.
- Oh.
(bullets ring out) - (Joel) Oh [bleep]! Get down.
- Does he not know where I am right now?
- (hunter) He's behind the car! - [Bleep].
- (Ellie) Sam! - (Joel) What the hell?
- Oh no!
- (Joel) Henry, no.
(gunshot) - Holy f...
Oh, oh, oh, oh my god.
This time on The Last of Us...
I'm not okay right now. Jeez, can we pause and take a break?
Holy [bleep].
- My head is like...
"What just happened?"
I did not think he was gonna shoot himself in the head.
That was, like--
You ever seen the movie Full Metal Jacket?
That's like what that was right now.
- (gasps deeply) Um...
(slowly) Okay.
This is-- I don't even know what to say now.
- Hey, Ellie got a fresh jacket. But, still, what are those?
Oh look, I got a fresh shirt too.
- (Ellie) You ready to see dear, old brother?
- And I wonder why Tommy didn't stick with us in the first place.
- What happened to the radio tower?
That whole thing was abandoned.
Like, oh my gosh. What's going on?
Where are we going now? To see his brother or something?
This is too fast-paced for me.
My head is still trying to wrap around what just happened.
- Part of me wants to be hopeful
that I would survive in the apocalypse.
There's no way. Like, hicks would rule the world.
- Oh. Look, another free gun.
Hey, this got a little sniper scope on it.
- Can you jump in this, dude?
(Joel grunts) Oh, you can jump.
Oh, that was sick.
- (Ellie) What happened between you two?
- (Joel) What do you mean? - (Ellie) You and Tommy.
- (Joel) Tommy saw the world one way; I saw it the other.
- (Ellie) And that's why he joined the Fireflies?
- Oh, Tommy joined the Fireflies?
- (Joel) Yeah, your friend Marlene promised him hope.
That kept him busy for a while.
But just like Tommy, he eventually quit that too.
- Okay. I'm going the right way, hopefully.
Just following the river.
- I just want to get to Tommy,
'cause I guess that's where we're going.
- (Ellie) Whoa, what's that?
- (Joel) That right there is a hydroelectric power plant.
- (Ellie) All right. How are we getting across?
- Hey, she's just curious.
(lock clicks, door creaks) - (Joel) There you go.
- Supplies.
Oh, load up.
- Aw yeah. (objects rattling)
- Yeah, I definitely need one of these.
And I still have one shiv, and I can make another one.
- I'm assuming that's how I get there.
(Joel grunts, loud cranking)
(clank) - (Ellie) Well, that gets us halfway.
If we get the other one up, we'll make it across.
- Oh yeah, she can't swim. Awesome.
- I'm hopping in.
- (Joel) I'll find something. Just hang tight.
- Always finding something.
Oh crap, do I have to find something that's underneath the water?
(sulkily) No.
- Oh, maybe down here? Maybe these ominous bubbles coming out?
- There we go. There's the button I press.
- Good thing this just so happens to be
in every single puddle of water ever.
- (Joel) All right, Ellie, I need you to-- - Hop on, Ellie.
- (Ellie) Step on the [bleep] pallet.
- Why would you jump, dude? Why?
- What if she did that and just went right off the other side?
- Thank you.
(bridge cranking into place, Ellie grunts) - Phew.
- (Ellie) Hey, be careful crossing that thing.
- (Joel) I will.
- (Ellie) Teamwork.
(high five) - Oh-hoo!
- That was not teamwork, Ellie. That was me doing all of it.
- (sighing) Oh, goodness.
- (Ellie) All right, next squirrel I see,
I'm totally shooting it. - (Joel) Let's get past this place,
then we can scrounge up some food.
- (Ellie) Well, if I starve, you're responsible.
- (snickering)
- (Ellie) Uh... should we head in?
- Hey, I'm pretty sure I got to look at this map.
Pick all these things up first.
- (gasps) Scoped revolver.
- So this way?
- I don't know where to go. Oh, here we go.
(gate rattling)
(guns cock)
- (woman) Don't even think about reaching for your weapon.
Tell the girl to drop hers now. - Oh shoot.
- (Joel) Ellie. - Here goes danger.
- (Joel) Do as the lady says.
- Boy, you better lay down. - (Ellie) Okay.
- (Joel) We didn't know the place was occupied.
We're just trying to make our way through.
- (woman) Through to where? - (man) They're all right.
(gate opens) - (woman) What, you know these people?
- (man) I know him. - (gasps) Tommy!
- (Tommy) He's my goddamn brother. - Tommy!
- (Joel) Tommy.
- (Tommy) Holy [bleep].
- Shoot.
- (Joel) How you doin', baby brother?
- (Tommy) Goddamn. - (Joel) Yeah.
- He's alive. - (Tommy) Let me look at you.
He's my goddamn brother.
- Oh, Tommy. You son of a bitch.
(Tommy chuckles) - (Joel) How you doin', baby brother?
- Aw, family moment.
- (Tommy) Holy [bleep].
(chuckles) - (Joel) How you doin', baby brother?
- (Tommy) Holy [bleep]. - Yay, he's here.
(Tommy chuckles) Tommy's still ali--
It's all clicking now.
- (Tommy) Let me look at you.
You got [bleep] old. - (laughs)
- (Joel) Easy. It's gonna happen to you too.
- You didn't never want to see my face again.
- (Tommy) This is Maria.
Be nice to her. She sorta... - My apocalypse girlfriend.
- (Tommy) ...runs things around here.
- (Joel) Ma'am. Thanks for not blowing my head off.
- (giggles) - (Maria) Would've been embarrassing,
considering you're my brother-in-law.
- (gasps) What?
- (Tommy) We all gotta get wrangled up at some point.
- Uh. They're married? - (Maria) Ellie, right?
- (Ellie) Yeah. - (Maria) What brings you through here?
- (Ellie) Uh... it's kind of a long story.
- (Tommy) Why don't we bring 'em inside?
- (Maria) Yeah. - Are we finally safe?
- (Ellie) Starving.
- I feel, like, calm.
I feel like nothing bad's gonna happen for a while.
- (Maria) False alarm. They're friendlies.
We've been dealing with raids. - Dang.
- Okay. Taking a nice stroll.
- (Joel) What the hell are you doing here?
- Can I steal their stuff?
- (Tommy) Been trying to bring the plant back to life.
We have electricity, Joel... had.
- They got animals?
- (Ellie) You guys have horses.
- (Tommy) We got a whole lot of 'em.
All right, let's continue the tour. - So we gonna go eat or what?
'Cause I can really do for some Chipotle right now.
(door squeaks)
(horse brays in background)
- (radio) Maria. - (Maria) Yeah, go ahead.
- (radio) We're in the control room.
Steve's about to start it back up. - Oh no.
- (radio) Do you want to come check it out?
- (Maria sighs) I'd rather eat with Ellie.
- (Tommy) It's my turn anyway. I'll go.
- (Joel) I'll come with you.
- Every time we get separated, something bad happens.
- (Maria) Come on, Ellie. Let's give the boys some space.
- (facetiously) Those men. You know how they are.
- (Maria) I'm sending Tommy over. Stand by. Come on.
- Wow, she's really apprehensive.
- (Tommy) I got something for you. - What do you have for me?
- (Tommy) Last year I went back to Texas-- back home.
Most of our stuff was long gone.
It's a little faded but it still looks pretty good.
- Oh, it's him and his daughter.
- That is so heartbreaking.
- Aw.
That's so sad.
- (Joel) I'm good.
- (Tommy) You sure? I mean-- - (Joel) I said I'm good.
- (whispers) He's not good.
- (Tommy) Okay.
Well, I'll hold onto it for you. - (Joel) Tommy, I--
I need to talk to you.
- (Tommy) Yeah, okay. Let me just check on my guys real quick.
Come on.
- No, something's gonna happen, and then you're never gonna get
to talk to your brother ever again
'cause he's probably gonna die,
like everyone else you love in your life.
- Feels good to be relaxed. - (Tommy) I don't know what you heard
but you should see the town. We're over 20 families strong now.
It was Maria and her father.
- See, this is a setup for a terrible feud.
All these barricades and stuff.
Like, we're gonna be fighting here later.
- (Joel) What do you do for protection?
- (Tommy) The adults take turns guarding the perimeter.
We even got an electrified fence,
when the plant's up and running.
- What's this?
- (Joel) Hey buddy. - (gasps) It's a dog.
- Don't mind me. I'm just gonna come to your camp
and take all your miscellaneous [bleep].
- (Tommy) These two geniuses
are gonna bring this plant back to life.
- (man) We think we got it this time.
- (Tommy) I didn't say that.
- (man) I'll bet you a million bucks... - "Smoke bombs upgraded."
- (man 2) To the left! Watch it!
- (nervously) Something's gonna happen. We're all gonna die.
(generator humming)
- (gasps) We generated electricity.
- Wouldn't this attract a lot of zombies though?
- (Tommy) All right, Joel.
Let's go talk.
- (whispering) No. Don't go out there.
It's gonna be bad.
- (Joel) I've been on quite the adventure, little brother.
- (Tommy) I reckon it's got something to do with that girl.
- He has to keep her safe.
- (Joel) It's got everything to do with that little girl.
- Oh yeah, he's gonna tell her [sic] about the girl.
- (Tommy) Well, go on then.
- (Joel) She's immune.
- (Tommy) Immune to what? - What do you think?!
- (Tommy) Oh, come on. - (Joel) See, I know.
I've seen her breathe enough spores to take down a dozen men
and nothing.
Now, I wouldn't have believed it neither, but I can show you.
- (Tommy) All right. I'll bite.
- Heh. Don't do that. He could be infected.
- (Joel) I was supposed to deliver her to the Fireflies.
- I still don't know if the Fireflies are trustworthy.
- (Joel) You finish the job, you collect the whole damn payment.
- (Tommy) I haven't seen a Firefly in years.
- (Joel) But you know where they are.
- Exactly. - (Joel) Now, I'm not asking for much,
Tommy. I just want some simple gear-- enough to set me on my way.
- (Tommy) What makes you think I'd do this for you?
- 'Cause you're my brother... - (Joel) This isn't for me, Tommy.
- ...and you love me. - (Joel) This is for your damn cause.
- (Tommy) My cause is my family now. - Oh, he has a family now.
- (Tommy) ...some walk in the park here.
- (Joel) Jesus, boy! - Boy.
- I'm kind of asking for a lot, but whatever.
- (Tommy) They got families too.
- (Joel) Tommy, I need this.
- (Tommy) You want some gear? Sure.
But I can't taking that girl off your hands.
- (Joel) This is how you gonna repay me, huh?
- (Tommy) Repay you?
- (Joel) For all those goddamn years I took care of us.
- (Tommy) Took care? That's what you call it?
- That got intense.
- (Tommy) I got nothing but nightmares from those years.
- (Joel) You survived because of me.
- You'd have nightmares in a zombie apocalypse anyway.
(metal bang) Okay. Why we gotta get physical now?
- (Joel) I bring you the cure for mankind
and you wanna play the pissy little brother?
- Oh. Don't kill each other.
- It's getting rough. - (Tommy) You lay your hands on me again,
it won't end well for you.
(distant siren) Shoot him.
- Ooh. - (Joel) What the hell is that?
- (Tommy) We're under attack.
You still remember how to kill, right?
- (Joel) Yeah. - See? I told you, everything bad happens.
- (man) [Bleep]! Bandits! - (sighs)
I got to deal with some raider bull[bleep]. What?
(imitates gunfire)
- (man) Over here! (man groaning)
- Ow! No, you don't see me. I'm sneaky.
- (man) Oh [bleep], he's over there! - No, I'm not.
(man groans) Are you a bad guy?
(gunshots) Yes.
How do you not-- no.
- (Tommy) Let's get a move on!
- Time to be super awesome Legolas sniper.
Heh, to ze face.
(man choking)
(man groans) All right, you got him.
How the-- (gun blasts)
Okay. Come on, guys. - (Tommy) You guys see anything?
- (man 2) We got 'em. - Do I got to do everything around here?
- Oh my-- a hatchet? Oh, you know I'm gonna get that right now.
(object clinks)
- Mm! I got an ax.
(gunshot) (gasps, grumbles)
(gunfire exchange)
(Joel reloads)
(gunshots) Mm.
(man grunts) Thanks, Tommy.
No, I got zero.
(man groans)
(flames roar) (gasps) Ruuuun!
(man yells) (gunshots)
(Joel grunts) We're about to chop up some bodies.
I got to think quicker.
(men groaning with each impact)
All right. - (man) You're gonna pay for that!
(Joel grunts) (groans in annoyance)
- (man) That's all those sons of bitches!
- (man 2) Right behind you!
- Pick it up.
Aw, I got an ax.
- (man) Man, get him! - Chill.
(inhales sharply) Yah!
Aw man. Oh, there he goes.
Hey. (chuckles)
Oh my god, I'm getting shot from behind again.
Sit down.
Sit down. Oh no.
Oh, thank god. Oh, where is it at?
(takes deep breath)
Oh, no, no-no-no. Chill, chill. Three seconds.
Three seconds-- that's all I need.
(gunfire continues)
Get outta here.
Oh no. Aah!
All right. - (man) Let's do this!
- Oh, never mind!
(Joel grunting fiercely) Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo.
(laughs) I like this.
(Joel grunts)
(assailant groans) Pfft.
- (man) That's all those sons of bitches!
- (Tommy) We gotta get to the girls!
- (man 2) Right behind you!
- (Tommy) Joel, do your thing.
- What? Do my thing? What does that mean?
♪ (dramatic music) ♪
(man groans)
- Wow.
- All right, you're running down, Tommy, so I'm running with you.
(loud gunshots)
(man groans) - Man, you suck.
(Joel grunts)
- Yes, there's so many supplies in here. I need supplies.
- (Ellie) They're all dead.
- Yeah. Woo, they're all dead. Thank god.
- (Tommy) Maria! - (Maria) I'm all right.
The kid's with me! - Thank god.
- (Joel) That was too damn close. - That was close.
- (Tommy) You okay?
- (annoyed) This is why we don't separate.
- (Ellie) Oh man.
- (sympathetically) Oh. - (Ellie) They were coming in
from every direction. - (Joel) Okay.
- (Ellie) Then Maria was like, "We gotta run!"
- (Joel) Listen. - (Ellie) And so we dove over these tables
and this huge guy blasts in with a shotgun...
- (Joel) Slow down, slow down. Listen--
- (Ellie) And then-- - (Joel) Hey, hey, are you hurt?
- (Ellie) No.
- (Tommy) God damn it.
I need to talk to you.
- Oh.
- (Maria) Absolutely not. You tell him to go find somebody else.
- (Tommy) Maria, I can't have this hanging over my head.
- (Maria) Do you have any idea how many men we lost here today?
- (Ellie) What's that all about?
- It's about you. That's what it's about.
- (Ellie) Does that have anything to do with me?
- Yes. - (Joel) We'll talk about it later.
- He should just tell her though.
- (Joel, sternly) We'll talk about it later.
- Such a dad thing.
(argument continues) - Later.
- Wait, is the brother gonna take Ellie,
then the game's gonna end,
then we gotta wait for Last of Us 2? Oh man.
- (Maria) One [bleep] up and then I turn
into one of those widows, okay? - Yep.
- (Tommy) I have to do this.
I don't know what else to say.
- Family over relationships.
- (Maria) Fine. - (feminine voice) We're done.
- (Tommy) Maria! - (Joel) Here we go.
- "As for you!" - (Maria) You.
If anything-- anything at all happens to him, it's on you.
- Okay. Thanks.
- (Tommy) I'll take that girl of yours to the Fireflies.
- (gasps)
- (Tommy) You don't have to worry about it.
- (Joel) It's best this way.
- Wait, so he's not going?
- Okay, but where's he gonna be at?
- (Joel) I need to talk to Ellie.
- Is he really just gonna leave her?
- (Tommy) Say again, I didn't hear ya.
Joel! - (Joel) What? What is it?
- (Tommy) That girl of yours,
she took one of our horses and rode off.
- (Joel) Damn it. Which way? - Come on.
- (man) I just saw her riding on outta here.
- What the? - (Tommy) Go back inside.
Help the others clean the place up. - No.
- (man) Be careful out there. - (Joel) Easy, easy. (grunts)
- Ellie.
- Finally we go fast-paced up in here.
- (Tommy) We'll find her. Don't worry.
- Well, it's only been, like, five minutes.
- Okay. I love the girl and all, and I get she's pissed.
But it's the apocalypse,
and she really thinks she could survive out there on her own.
- (Tommy) She went into these woods.
- Oh good. - (Tommy) Come on.
- Whoa. Whoa, Nellie.
- Ellie, if I run into trouble because of you right now...
- (Joel grunts) Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa.
(glass shatters) - Oh boy.
What the heck happened? - (Tommy) I got your back.
- (Joel) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(glass shatters) - Oh! Oh. Oh.
- Get away, horsey. Run away.
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ - (hunter) Hey! He's over here!
- No. - (Tommy) Go around. I'll cover you.
- (hunter) Cover me! I'm moving on!
(gunfire exchange)
(hunter shouts indistinctly)
(gunshot) (hunter grunts)
- I have no ammo?
- (hunter) I'm gonna light you up! - (hunter 2) Ugh!
- Ooh, I just--
- (hunter) [Bleep].
- Okay. I guess I'm going for it.
- (hunter) Here it comes! (grunts)
(Molotov explodes) (Joel grunts)
(panting and gunshots)
(hunter groans and gurgles)
- Where's Ellie?
(hunter grunts)
(gunshot) - (hunter) Let's do this!
(both grunt)
- (Tommy) That's all of 'em. - (whispers) Okay, they're gone?
Thank god.
(gunshot) - Reload, fool.
Oh my god. (gunfire)
(Molotov explodes)
(gunshots and explosion)
Oh. Oh, Joel. Get it. Get his ass. Get his ass, Joel.
(gunshot) - (hunter) He's over here!
(hunter grunts) - (hunter) Fire in the hole!
(both grunting)
I win. That was pretty sick.
Dude, I got health kits on health kits.
I got three? Damn, dude.
I haven't even had three this whole game.
(in game: stifled groan) Another one? Dude, oh--
I don't even know if everyone else gets this, but dude.
The Last of Us gods-- you know, Naughty Dog--
they're watching over me.
If I find another one, I swear.
(punches landing outside) Oh, Tommy, you good?
Uh... what now? Now he's dead.
(in game: fierce grunting) (dying choke)
Oh, here we go. What's up, man?
(hunter grunts) What's up?
(ax impales hunter) (dying choke)
- (Tommy) That's all of 'em.
- Do I get [inaudible] now?
- How intelligent they are.
- Those are smart horses.
- Wait, so Ellie just ran past all those guys or what?
It doesn't make sense.
- (Tommy) That's our horse. She's gotta be there.
(horse brays) - "Hidden Pines." It's pretty hidden.
- (Joel) Area looks clear.
- Someone's gonna pop out.
- (Tommy) Be careful.
- Be careful and I kick in the door. - (Joel) Ellie?
- (Ellie) I'm up here. - (Joel, muttering) Jesus Christ.
- Casually. "I'm upstairs!"
She's probably through that door.
- All right, found her.
- (Ellie) Is this really all they had to worry about?
Boys. Movies. - Oh, she's reading a diary.
- (Ellie) Deciding which shirt goes with which skirt?
It's bizarre. - This sums up today's culture.
- (Joel) Get up. We're leaving. Come on.
- (Ellie) And if I say no?
- You're gonna die.
- (Joel) Do you even realize what your life means? Huh?
Running off like that. Putting yourself at risk.
It's pretty goddamn stupid. - Yeah.
- (Ellie) Well, I guess we're both disappointed
with each other then.
- (Joel) What do you want from me?
- (Ellie) Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time.
- (Joel) Tommy knows this area-- - (Ellie) Agh, [bleep] that.
- (Joel) Well, I'm sorry, I trust him better than I trust myself.
- (Ellie) Stop with the bull[bleep]. What are you so afraid of?
- He's afraid that you'll die. - (Ellie) ...like Sam?
I can't get infected.
I can take care of myself. - (Joel) How many close calls
have we had?
- (Ellie) Well, we seem to be doing all right so far.
- (Joel) And now you'll be doing even better with Tommy.
- (Ellie) I'm not her, you know? - (Joel) What?
- (gasps) - (Ellie) Maria told me about Sarah.
- (Joel) Ellie. - (Ellie) And I--
- (Joel) You are treading on some mighty thin ice here.
- This just got really sad.
- (Ellie) I'm sorry about your daughter, Joel.
- (gasps) Do not bring that up. - (Joel) ...no idea what loss is.
- (Ellie) Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me.
Everyone [bleep] except for you.
So don't tell me that I would be safer with someone else,
because the truth is I would just be more scared.
- It's nice to see her as a human.
- (Joel) You're right. - (quietly) Oh gosh.
- (Joel) You're not my daughter.
And I sure as hell ain't your dad.
You're not my daughter.
And I sure as hell ain't your dad.
- The [bleep], Joel?
- (Joel) And we are going our separate ways.
(door bangs open)
- (Tommy) Get it together. We're not alone.
- Oh man, what the--
- (Joel) I got two walking in.
- They say some pretty deep stuff right when stuff goes down.
- (Tommy) There's more inside already.
- Why?!
- (uneasily) Oh.
- (hunter) You're dead, [bleep]! (tools striking, grunting)
- (scoffs) My god, let me use my hatchet. (in game: dying choke)
(in game: dying choke) (softly) Yeah.
(gun cocks)
What the? (both grunting)
Oh. I'm being sliced up over here.
- This got-- (gun blasts)
(nearby blast)
I can't see anything.
- Come at me, bro.
- I'm telling you, these kids are coming straight
from the freaking Hidden Leaf Village. (hunter groans in agony)
(gunshot, hunter groans)
- Wow! That was cool.
(hunter groans)
- (hunter) Holy [bleep]. (groans)
- Can I--
- Yeesh.
- Oh, he's dead.
- (Joel) All right. House is clear. - Okay. Thank goodness.
- The horses are so dead. Or not.
- Something's gonna happen. - (Joel) We're clear.
- I know something's gonna happen. Somebody's dying right now.
I swear, somebody's dying.
- I'm surprised they didn't take the horses and run away.
I would've done that.
- (scoffs) Attitude.
- (Tommy) You want a hand up?
- (Ellie) I got it. - Little miss thang.
- Jeez.
She did that. I can barely get on a horse.
(Joel grunts)
♪ (mellow music) ♪
- It's about to be an awkward ride back home.
- I hope they stay together.
- This is so sad.
- (snickers) Is anyone gonna say anything? No?
- (Tommy) Easy, easy. Whoa.
- Oh, that's pretty.
- (Tommy) There she is.
- Oh, wow!
- (Tommy) Kids'll be watching movies tonight.
- (Joel) Where is this lab of theirs?
- (Tommy) It's all the way out-- University of Eastern Colorado.
- (Joel) Go Big Horns.
Ellie, get off your horse. Give it on back to Tommy.
I'm gonna hang onto this fella, if that's all right with you.
Go on. Don't make me repeat myself.
- (Tommy) What are you doing? - And he's gonna go with her.
- (Joel) Your wife kinda scares me.
I don't want her coming after me.
- (Ellie) Sorry for stealing your horse.
- (Tommy) Look, come back to town.
Let's discuss it at least. - They're a team again!
- (Joel) You know me. My mind's all made up.
University Eastern Colorado. - We have gone everywhere.
- (Joel) How do I find this lab?
- (Tommy) It's in the science building.
Looks like a giant mirror. You can't miss it.
There's a place for you here, you know.
- (Joel) You good?
- (Ellie) I'm good.
- (Joel) Adios, little brother.
- I knew he was gonna come through.
I knew he was gonna be like, "All right, I'll go with you."
- This game.
- Thanks for watching The Last of Us on the React channel.
- Subscribe for more gaming episodes every week.
- See ya! Off to Colorado.
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
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THE LAST OF US: PART 15 (Teens React: Gaming)

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許方怡 published on October 15, 2015
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