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Hey guys
Today my girlfriend believes that our three-year-old son and I are looking at a used four wheeler.
She's gonna come pick it up in our truck
What she doesn't know is that it's fully remote control
Are you ready?
Do you think mommy's gonna like it?
Yeh, ok.
When mommy comes up we're just gonna talk to her, ok?
What's up?
Hi mom!
Oh, man.
What do you think?
It's not bad!
It's 1500 bucks and it would be a blast, this winner.
I mean it probably needs some new tires
Hey, do you like it?
Should we get it?
You tell mommy. Say, "I want it."
You do?
Did you bring the check?
Ok. Yeah.
Awesome. Give me a kiss.
You really... you want to have this red thing on it?
And the net? You like the net?
Hey, come here, Kane.
Hey, show me how you drive it.
Hey, come here.
Go waaaaah.
He loved it. You should've seen him.
Alright. Should mommy go get the checkbook?
Do you mean write it, or do you mean...
Do you want me to write it?
No, I don't, I don't have to write it out, too.
But hey, I love you.
Love you, hon.
Mommy I love you.
I love you more.
Ok wait, wait, wait for it.
Go, go, go.
Go, go. Here.
Get into the truck ok? Go get into the truck.
Want me to start it? Yeah?
Alright here you go!
You love it? Oh my God we're gonna have so much fun with this.
Hey hey! Hey!
Get out! What are you doing?
Babe stop. Don't! Honey! Oh my God.
Oh my God.
It's not funny.
I know.
That is not funny.
It's... it's kinda funny.
It ... ah! Don't.
I'm sorry! You don't touch me.
I'm done. I'm done, honey. I can't do it!
There's Kane right there.
I'm not doing it. There's Kane.
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Blowing Up My Kid PRANK!!

27395 Folder Collection
Diana T. published on October 15, 2015    Diana T. translated    Jack Lu reviewed
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