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  • When it comes to live action fairy tales, why should Disney have all the fun?!

  • You're watching Beyond The Trailer's review of Warner Bros' Pan...

  • Thanks to decades of Disney Animation, the Mouse House is the trusted brand when it comes to fairy

  • tales - yet the fairy tales themselves are actually in the public domain. The only thing

  • Disney owns the rights to are the elements that THEY added in their animated - and now

  • live action - adaptations. And as Warner Bros tries to build their own superhero division

  • like Disney's Marvel, they're also trying to launch their own live action fairy tale

  • division. Pan is hitting theaters first, followed by Tarzan and King Arthur in 2016 and Jungle

  • Book Origins in 2017. Now ideally Pan - which is actually co-produced by Greg Berlanti,

  • who overseas Warner Bros' popular DC comics TV shows - would set the stage for all these

  • upcoming films but, well, Pan has had a rough time of it. When the picture first came together

  • with Hugh Jackman as the mysterious pirate Blackbeard and Hanna director Joe Wright at

  • the helm, it seemed like a very strong contender indeed - although casting Garrett Hedlund,

  • who's promised stardom has yet to materialize, as a the young Hook was somewhat worriesome.

  • But when Rooney Mara was cast as the native american princess Tiger Lily, it shook the

  • picture to the core. Audiences, and the media, went into a frenzy, and Warner Bros has tried

  • to repeatedly defend Mara's casting by saying they went with the best actress for the role,

  • regardless of skin color. Also, it's worth noting that Mara has a very similar look to

  • Keira Knightley, who was director Wright's leading lady in Pride and Prejudice, Atonement

  • and Anna Karenina. Sometimes, directors just favor a certain look when it comes to their

  • leading ladies - although to be fair Wright is married to a woman of Indian decent, and

  • one has to wonder how she felt about his Tiger Lily casting... Anyway, while for decades

  • Hollywood has gotten away with whitewashing films, the recent implosion of Fox's Exodus

  • has got to have Warner Bros worried. And their confidence in Pan does seem shaken, as while

  • it was originally set to be a big summer release, Warner Bros blinked and moved the pic to October

  • when none other than Disney scheduled Ant-Man to open opposite the picture. Now it does

  • have an entire weekend to itself, but Sony's Goosebumps is debuting the very next weekend.

  • And as for adult moviegoers, not only is awards season starting up but the very genre-y Crimson

  • Peak - almost a gothic fairy tale itself - also opens the very next weekend. But still, at

  • least publicly, Warner Bros says they're eager to make a Pan sequel and soon, before newcomer

  • Levi Miller gets too big for the role. Uh-oh! Too late! So much for "I won't grow up!" Damn

  • child actors and their hormones...

  • Maybe that's why Disney animated these fairy tales in the first place, huh?

When it comes to live action fairy tales, why should Disney have all the fun?!

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