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You've tasted more of life than I could ever imagine
But your story has no end
Do you know what it's like to live forever?
Your immortality has made you the greatest soldier of the Axe and Cross
In a war between our world and the next.
I've waited my entire life for the opportunity to help you.
That's a chance.
Do you want to quit? No, I want a raise.
This fall
You're a dream walker.
Get out!
I need you to take me to the dream world.
It's the only way to fight what's coming.
If you die in that, you die out here.
I need you to wake up, you are in a trap.
Yeah, you're not qualified for what happens next.
Live forever
The most powerful witches that ever walked the earth are here to destroy us.
So it begins.
Hunt forever
There are some very bad things out there.
Who says a witch can't hunt witches?
You know what i'm afraid of?
Vin Diesel
The Last Witch Hunter
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The Last Witch Hunter (2015 Movie - Vin Diesel) Official Trailer – "Live Forever"

24135 Folder Collection
陳怡平 published on October 16, 2015    陳怡平 translated    Pi-Chien Hu reviewed
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