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With every second that ticks by...
the future...
is running out.
That's not mine.
What's not yours?
The pin.
I've never -
What if there was a place...
Dad, I just need you to look at this.
Does it look weird?
...a secret place...
where NOTHING was impossible?
You're not seeing this?!
Casey, STOP IT.
Go away!
Didn't you see the dog?!
I want you to take me there!
Take you WHERE?!
Where'd you get this?!
Who are you, kid?
What you saw...
was a place
where the best and the brightest people in the world came together
to actually change it.
We've been looking for someone like you
for a VERY long time.
Why? Did something happen over there?
They followed you here?!
Come on!
Get in!
How is this a good idea?
There's one way in.
They know we're comin', so...
follow me!
Of all the people, why me?
He thinks you can fix the future...
Hang on.
You wanted to see Tomorrowland.
Here it comes.
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Tomorrowland Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

788 Folder Collection
周芳菡 published on October 12, 2015    Colleen translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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