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After Thanksgiving is Christmas!
I think most people would be familiar with Christmas
It is a religious holiday
such as Jesus' birthday
I think everyone knows it
religious people celebrate Christmas in a religious way
Non-religious people will have some fun in this day
for my family
we are not religious at all
and we don't have the tradition of celebrating Christmas
For us, Christmas used to mean winter break
Right now
this little guy, is very into Christmas
therefore, we celebrate a little bit
Besides the religious activities
One of the most important thing for Christmas is decoration
They hang Christmas light on the outside of the house
put up Christmas trees
hang ornaments all over the Christmas tree
Meanwhile, they give gifts during Christmas
see, America is an industry country
even gifts are industralized
you can by a set from store
in my last Thanksgiving video
I said American shops like crazy during Thankgiving
a large factor is
they were shopping for Christmas gifts
so from this perspective
I like Thanksgiving better
because we only have to eat during Thanksgiving
Do they have any special food for Christmas?
What I can think of is eggnog, a beverage
There are two types on the market:
one is a dairy drink
you can find it in the dairy session
other kind is an alcoholic product
I think the later one tastes better
The dairy one tastes too sweet
I don't like it
it tastes very eggie, creamy, and thick
the alcoholic one tastes brighter
another Christmas element is the scent of Christmas
they will light up scented candles
with Christmas charactristies
like cinnamon and nutmeg
the smell provided the atmosphere of Christmas
They wrap up the gift on Christmas eve
put it under the Christmas tree
then families open their present first thing in Christmas morning
gingerbread house,
is another Christmas element
It is made of cookies
Then you glue it up with icing
then decorate it
I think most people had seen this before
in the movie Shrek
the Gingerman was tortured by the bad guy
I had baked it once from scratch
it turned out like this
so I bought the kit from store this year
it came with everything you need
just go ahead and decorate it
It doesn't taste good
And, Santa Claus
Especially for the people who is not religious
they will enforce the existence of this big guy to their children
see, they will also dress up their car like a reindeer
you can tell their obsession about transportations
If the story of Santa Claus may have some historical background
another figure in American culture does not make sense to me at all:
The tooth fairy
I couldn't understand
Adult made up these things for the kids
then when they grow up,
their hearts will be broken once they know the truth
another thing to do during Christmas is ice skating!
Christmas movies always have skating scenes
it makes me feel like it is a Christmas tradition
winter is skate season
Christmas is a fun holiday for me
because I'm only take the fun part of Christmas
sending presents and home decorations are more trouble than fun to me
so I skip these things all together
In my previous Thanksgiving video
I mentioned that
Thanksgiving is a holiday about family reunion
Christmas does not have that bold family theme
People will visit their families
because you can take a break during Christmas
Christmas plus New Year, you can almost have two weeks break
and the winter break in America is just two weeks
they will start school after two weeks of break
I was jealous about their summber break
which is about 3 months
then look at how little winter break they have
I feel less jealousy
even though someone will come home to visit their family
they are not into family reunion during Christmas
Still, Thanksgiving is the holiday for family
Christmas is a more casual visit
Thanks for watching this episode about Christmas
I hope you don't think my Christmas is too simple and light
see you next time!
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Christmas in America 美国的圣诞节

974 Folder Collection
Iris published on October 12, 2015
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