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Hey guys, so last week after announcing this new Ask Abroad segment answering questions
from you the viewer about Japan. I received actually a ton of questions so far over a thousand and
in the comment section of the video below, someone called Mr.Hakisak wrote to
list of 50 quesions and challenged me to answer each one in 1.5 seconds
few hundred people seem to like this idea and never want to back down from a challenge
or decided to take it up and answer these 50 questions. I got so many questions.
They all seemed pretty random, some a little bit insane, but fifty seconds 1.5 seconds every answer that
75 seconds long or 1 minute 15 seconds. I think to be able to do this, you need to dislocate
your face or something. Those who watch these videos know I have a track record for failing
challenges, so hopefully I can redeem myself this time. I'm gonna time it and see how we go
so here we go. So what are you doing right now? Building a media empire.
How many apples do you eat per week? None, I hate apples, everything I stand for.
Have you met any nice ladies in Japan (wink wink)? Many. Why are the eggs in Japan white?
Culture preference. Any plans for upcoming trips around Japan? Kyuusyuu.
Do you walk everywhere or train? I run and train. Orange juice; pulp or non-pulp? Pulp all the way.
Any footage of Natsuki's trip to England? See those Monday‘s video. Is there a regular place you
go out to eat? McDonalds. If so, can you describe it? Ronald McDonald.
Would you ever move to central Tokyo? If I became disgustingly rich or won the lottery twice
Do you have a shower in your home? Yes. If so; do you dry yourself whilst still in the shower or do
you step outside first? Step out! Do you plan on buying a car whilst in Japan?
I did, a Toyota Stallion nice car. How much longer are you going to stay there? Until I met Gangwon Tonami
Do you miss your home? No. Are there weeks you wish you were back home? No.
How's your internet speed? Surprisingly bad. What are the shopping centers like over there?
Excellently stocked. Any weird stories you wish to share? I once saw a man walking his duck through Tokyo.
Where do you get your clothes from? Uniqlo. Do you ever run into students during non-school
days? Yeah, in McDonalds all the time. If so; do you approach each other?
They approached me. If so; what do you end up talking about? How much I like to eat my
my McDonald's. How is your day today? Pleasant, but forgettable.
Are you ever planning on going to that robot nightclub again? I did, they ruined it.
Too family-friendly now. What's that about? Have you ever been in any dangerous situations?
Rebel island. Has a stanger ever tried to hit on you? Twice. a week. Twice a week.
Do you ever wonder if that person you saw was a man or woman? Both.
What browser do you use? Google chrome. What made you use that browser?
Convenient. What mobile phone do you have? Iphone 6. How much data do you get a month?
No enough. How much does that plan cost? Enough to build a pasture theme park.
How much is your internet plan? 3000 ¥ a month. Do you have a tape measure in your house? Yes.
How long is it? 3.9 meters. How do I know that? That's weird. Do you have a dish you enjoy and
eat regularly? Salmon. How long did it take you to make and edit this video? About an hour and
half. Would you buy a motorbike? No, but I rent one. How much would you spend for one?
Nothing. Do you have a glass vase in your house? Yes. If so; can you show us? No.
What do you do for your birthday? Premium dinner. Do you like pears? Yes, I love pears.
What editing software do you use? Adobe premiere. What do you think of Apple devices?
Overpriced, but well-designed. How far away does Natsuki live from you? 10 minutes.
What mode of transport do you use to go to his house? Car. If you could be a bird, which bird
would it be? Um.. a woodcock. Damn it. Almost 2 minutes over, but don't forget this includes
reading out the questions as well and they were at least two minutes, so if you think about it.
I won this challenge, but I don’t feel like I have won. That's not clear-cut win.
Why do I always fail? I try so hard.
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Abroad in Japan: 50 Questions in 3 Minutes

19892 Folder Collection
陳怡平 published on October 18, 2015    陳怡平 translated    Vivi Lee reviewed
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