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  • You're up bright and early.

  • l didn't sleep veywell.

  • You look great. Got a date ?

  • Yes with the Marine Corps Band.

  • l'm starting with the brass, and l'm working myway to the drum section.

  • Don'tyou think we should talk ?

  • l'm mad, and l'm getting madder.

  • l think you're ajerk.

  • l didn't realize how big ajerk l was until last night.

  • Let'sjust pack it in, then. Let'sjust finish this thing right here and now !

  • Fine.

  • You expect me to move out ?

  • l got a bed, lady.

  • What makes you think you canjust throw me out ofmy own house ?

  • You'r_ the one who's moving.

  • l have worked and slaved-- su_ered and put myself in hock up to my eyes,

  • and you want me to move out because you've got the hots for Max ?

  • Noway! You hearme ?

  • l have worked and slaved and suffered for this house evey bit as much as you have !

  • Actually more, because l had to put up with you !

  • This is ridiculous ! You don't even like this house !

  • l love this house !

  • You've done nothing but complain about it since we got here !

  • l did one other thing-- l sunk evey nickel l had in the world in this house !

  • And you'll get it all back !

  • ''l'll payyou back'' will be written on your gravestone !

  • l wouldn't give lectures on the value ofpromises !

  • Yourword didn't do too well on this last outing !

  • lt's certainly a lot better than your check !

  • [ All Murmuring ]

  • l'll getyou your money back !

  • l don't want the money ! This is my house, and l'm not moving !

  • lt's a big house ! We'll divide it up !

  • You stay in your half. l'll stay in mine !

  • That is such a dumb idea.

  • Sometimes it amazes me you ever passed the bar.

  • l'm sure it does. You've never passed a bar in your life.

  • You are so much less attractive when l'm sober.

  • - Thank goodness it's not that often. - All right, that's it !

  • l've had it with you, the house, Max, the orchestra and eveything !

  • How long will it take to put this place together ?

  • Two weeks. [ Workers Laughing ]

  • [ Man Laughing ] Two weeks ! Two weeks.

  • Okay, we'll stick it out until the house is finished.

  • Then we'll sell it, get our money back and get the hell away from each other.

  • Fine.

  • Get back to work !

You're up bright and early.

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The Money Pit (9/9) Movie CLIP - I Love This House! (1986) HD

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